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Rachel Ray Rachael Ray has launched her new line of “super premium” dog food and treats, called “Rachael Ray Nutrish.”
 I’m sure it is delish.
 The daytime TV host, 30-minute meal-maker, best-selling author, perky shortener of words and pet lover — pictured here with her pit bull mix Isaboo — said the following in a press release: “I love my dog Isaboo and as a member of my family I need to make sure that she eats as well as the rest of us. With the launch of Nutrish, I now have the opportunity to share with other pet lovers some of her favorite meals, flavors and special treats.”

 Manufactured by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, the dog food includes two varieties, both all natural and featuring “real meat” as the first ingredient — Chicken and Veggies (as Rachael would call them) and Beef and Brown Rice.

 There’s also a line of treats named after Isaboo. Isaboo Booscotti crunchy treats come in two flavors — bacon and peanut butter; and Isaboo Grill Bites chewy treats come in beefy burger and bacony burger flavors. For more information on the food and treats, go to

 Ray will donate her share of the proceeds to Rachael’s Rescue, which is dedicated to helping at-risk animals through adoption, medical care and educational programs, along with training and outreach initiatives.

 With Ellen DeGeneres and Rachael Ray both having their own dog food lines, it might be fun to come up with some other daytime TV host dog food and treat lines.

 Here, I’ll get us started:

 Jerry Springer’s Spicy Rawhide Chews: Just unwrap and watch you dog tear into these treats, guaranteed to spice up his day.  Ingredients: Scraps and more scraps; no nutritional value whatsoever. (Caution: Never place one between two dogs as fighting may result. Continued consumption may result in feelings of shame about one’s species.)

 Okay, your turn.

(Photo: PR Newswire)


Comment from tsg
Time August 4, 2008 at 11:41 am

Oprah’s healthy weight maintenance formula

Time of year, stress, lack of exercise, personal issues, etc. can influence your dog’s weight and over all well-being. This break-through, “secret” diet has helped me…ahem, my dog, stay at her optimal weight. Motivational DVD enclosed in specially marked packages…featuring me, Oprah, posing on the bag…with my dog.

Comment from Anne-n-Spencer
Time August 4, 2008 at 12:49 pm

Rats, tsg! Your Oprah is better than my Oprah!

I’ll go with Dr. Phil’s “Relationship Crunchies.” If you’ve been feeling alienated from your dog recently–if your walks together are no longer satisfying because he won’t “heel,” or if he won’t “Sit” or “Stay” when you tell him to, these Relationship Crunchies are for you. Simply bribe (er, reward) the dog for doing what you ask by giving him one of these delicious, crispy snacks. Of course if you give him too many, you can always sign him up for Weight Loss in a supportive yet challenging environment.

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