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Honoring Bob Emery

No Paws Left Behind, an animal welfare group in Houston, has launched a drive to raise money to bury or build a memorial to Bob Emery, the Florida hurricane relief worker who was killed trying to rescue three dogs from a Houston freeway.

Meanwhile, the Houston Chronicle reported that the owners of the three dogs Emery was trying to rescue say they are grateful for his efforts.

“You just don’t meet people with hearts like that,” said the dogs’ owner, who the Chronicle identified only as Jackie.

Robert “Bob” Emery, 54, was killed the night of Sept. 27 when he was struck by a motorcycle as he tried to reach the three dogs, huddled on the East Freeway median. The dogs were later rescued by animal control officers.

Emery’s death has rallied animal lovers, who have vowed that Emery — who lived alone in a trailer in Florida until he was recently evicted — won’t be buried as a pauper, even if his family is never located, the Chronicle reported.

Emery had traveled to Texas as part of a crew of about a dozen men from Florida wanted to help in the hurricane relief efforts and make some money.

Jackie said she and her husband are senior citizens and lifelong animal lovers who took in two of the dogs after finding them abandoned as puppies in a Houston park. The third dog was also a young stray they had adopted.

The three dogs had escaped from their yard about two days before the accident.

By Wednesday, she had picked them from the city kennel. Two of the dogs, Honey and Nicky, were fine, but Sweetie, a reddish retriever mix had a badly mangled paw and is hardly able to walk.

The Houston nonprofit group, No Paws Left Behind, has been taking up a collection to hold a funeral or otherwise memorialize Emery. For information on how to contribute, click here.


Comment from Mary Schmidt
Time October 7, 2008 at 11:14 pm

Thanks for this info. Sounds like the dogs’ owners know a little something about kindness, too. I don’t think Mr. Emery will ever leave their thoughts.