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The city of rawhide chews

Here’s some art one can sink their teeth into, especially if they happen to be a dog.

Beijing artist Liu Wei has constructed a massive city entirely out of dog chews.

More photos of his work can be seen on the website of the Saatchi Gallery in London, where Liu is part of an exhibit opening this week.

The gallery website describes this work, “Love it! Bite It!” as a “parody of grotesque consumption,” a “utopian vision” (especially if you’re a dog) that “re-engineers the breadth of Western history — from the Coliseum to the Guggenheim — as carnivorous spectacle.”

Liu’s other sculptures include “Indigestion II,” a monumental poop that spans two meters. The website describes it as “a man-sized statement of rejection … both repulsive and compelling … leaving no detail to the imagination.” (On close inspection, half digested kernels can be spotted.)

The exhibit of works by Liu and other proteges of Charles Saatchi, known as the Young Chinese Artists, opens Thursday at Saatchi’s four-story gallery in London.

(Photo: A gallery assistant views Love It! Bite It!  Photo by Clara Molden, via Dog Art Today )


Comment from GotDogChewingProblems
Time February 22, 2009 at 8:20 pm

Rawhides are not recommended as for
dogs with chewing problems
because they can block the dog intestines. But that is definitely one piece of art.

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