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Who’s that dog in the ohmidog! “O”?

If it’s your dog, and you log in to ohmidog! and send us a comment, you are the lucky winner of an official limited (very, very limited) edition ohmidog! sweatshirt.

Hooded, no less.

At Saturday’s BARCStoberfest, ohmidog! (that’s our booth above) offered photos inside the “o” for a $1 contribution to BARCS Franky Fund, which provides emergency medical care for sick and injured animals. In the days ahead, those photos will be appearing atop our website.

We’ll be featuring four different dogs in the “o” — off an on — over the next two weeks, at which time our website’s banner ad will return to its normal money-making function. (Contact us if you’re interested in that.)

Meantime, spot your dog, log in, and leave a comment — something as simple as “Hey, that’s my dog, where’s my sweatshirt?” — and you’ll get a sweatshirt.

(In addition to that, you’ll need to send us an email, muttsblog@verizon.net, stating your name, mailing address and size.)

Be sure and use the same email address you used when you signed in to have your dog’s photo taken in the “o” (at BARCStoberfest on Saturday).


Comment from Lexi
Time October 20, 2008 at 2:33 pm

The dog in the website banner is our beloved Beagle named Lexi! She had a great time @ BARCStoberfest with her sister, a three pound Maltese named Coco. Thanks so much for picking her as the winner, we will make sure she gets a special treat tonight.

Michael Picogna & Niki Fourtinakis

Comment from iheartdogs
Time October 22, 2008 at 2:44 pm


that’s my boy, chi-chi rodriquez, in the “o” of ohmidog!

he (& sister Lola) had SO much fun at the ohmidog! booth @ barcstoberfest visiting john and ace and the big box of treats.

thanks for putting chi-chi on the banner of your blog. he loves the spotlight. and i love the sweatshirts.


lori b