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Halloween Costume # 5: Matador Chihuahua

This one comes from Karen Ngo’s new book, Indognito: A Book of Canines in Costume, published this fall.

Other photos from the book — and many more costume ideas, some less elaborate than this one — can be viewed on her website.

According to her website, Ngo, originally from San Francisco, worked in the fashion industry as a creative director in New York City, while leading a secret life as a dog photographer.

She was also the owner of Scout, the first dog boutique in New York’s East Village, which closed in 2005.

Her dog images have been published in magazines and on calendars and stationery, and in a previous book, Haute Dog. Indognito is published by Little, Brown and Company and can be ordered through

Ngo resides in Brooklyn with her dogs Martini and Emma.

(Photo from Idognito, by Karen Ngo)


Comment from Anne-n-Spencer
Time October 24, 2008 at 10:07 am

Dogs must wonder a lot about humans and their outer coverings. From their viewpoint, we change our outer coverings several times a day–discarding them just when the scent is getting good. We subject ourselves to water (eeuwh) in the form of showers or baths, and then we replace our outer coverings. I think that’s why Spencer is happiest when there’s a basket of dirty laundry for him to dig around in. When the cold weather comes, we have additional outer coverings to be worn only when going outside. Dogs must be thankful for their handsome, all-purpose, all-weather fur coats! The Molly dog hated to be bathed. As soon as we would get her all clean and sweet-smelling, dry, and fluffy, she would ask to be let out into the back yard. There she would roll around in the dust and dirt until she regained her self respect.

Comment from EliTheChihuahua
Time October 25, 2008 at 3:06 pm

Wow, that’s my little Eli! Thanks for using this picture in your review.

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