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Bush’s dog Barney bites reporter

When dog bites man, that’s not news. But when the president’s dog is doing the biting, and a reporter’s hand is being bitten, well, that comes a little closer — and it’s definitely blogworthy.

Reuters reporter Jon Decker reached down to pet Barney, President Bush’s Scottish terrier, only to have the normally docile dog snap at him and bite his right index finger.

Reporter April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks happened to capture the moment on video.

Sally McDonough, a spokeswoman for first lady Laura Bush, said of Barney: “I think it was his way of saying he was done with the paparazzi.” She reported Decker “is being a good sport about it all.”

“I got bit by Barney and unfortunately it bit the skin, and I have to be on antibiotics for the next few days,” said Decker, who was bandaged after yesterday’s incident by the White House doctor.


Comment from LuluAndLolly
Time November 6, 2008 at 11:02 pm

Since we are two Maltese dogs, we have a doggy perspective and are very sympathetic to Barney on this. First of all, Barney is probably upset about moving out of the big white house, where apparently you get to have your own Cabinet, and Barney’s cabinet is probably full of outstanding doggy treats. Also, you get to have a personal cook at the big white house, and maybe Barney’s humans are very bad in the kitchen and now that they are moving out of the big white house it’s back to lame meals. Finally, no dog in his or her right mind lets somebody move in for their head without a polite warm up session first. Your Insightful PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy

Comment from Anne-n-Spencer
Time November 7, 2008 at 10:56 am

Well, it’s very important that we adopt a correct attitude about this. We shouldn’t be in a hurry to “swift-boat” poor Barney. It’s really, really insulting to a small dog to have people, so much larger than himself, swooping down from above and making gestures with their arms that look threatening. He had no way of knowing if the man wanted to pet him or beat him up. It’s so much better to let a dog come and investigate you, and then decide that he wants to make friends. And if it’s a small dog, you can hasten the process by getting down to their level in a non-threatening posture. The swoop from above just doesn’t cut it.

Just doing my part to put in a non-partisan word in Barney’s defense.

Comment from Mary Schmidt
Time November 7, 2008 at 8:29 pm

I’ll defend Barney, too. The reporter was fairly stupid in his approach.

I liked the Barney joke I’ve seen today on the internet: What does Barney call a presidential press conference?

A buffet!