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Biting political commentary: Barney bit before

Whether George W. Bush is leaving the White House in disgrace is a matter best left for the political pundits — a group I am proud to say I don’t belong to — but as for his dog Barney, it seems he is definitely going out on a low note.

In addition to nipping a television journalist (good boy, Barney) this month, it has been revealed that, back in September, there was another biting incident — this one involving a public relations director (attaboy!).

Heather Walker, the public relations director for the Boston Celtics basketball team, has revealed how America’s First Dog bit her wrist and drew blood after she tried to pat him during a White House ceremony honoring the team’s 17th NBA championship.

“I walked into the White House and in the first area you walk into, there are Miss Beazley and Barney,”  Walker said. “They were sitting on this Oriental rug, and I just reached down to pat Barney and he attacked me.”

Both Miss Beazley and Barney are Scottish terriers.

Walker, who had her wrist wrapped with a bandage by a Boston Celtics trainer, spoke about her ordeal on Friday, just days after Barney bit Reuters television reporter John Decker’s finger when he reached down to pat the seemingly docile hound.

Walker said she had wanted to keep the Sept. 19 incident under wraps, but her hometown newspaper, The Salem (Mass.) News, reported it Friday, according to the Associated Press

Barney, despite starring in several White House Christmas videos and having his own official website, isn’t likely to go down as one of the most beloved first pets.

Karl Rove once described him as “a lump,” while former Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who owns a black labrador called Koni, is said to have remarked that such a small dog was unfitting for a world leader, the London Telegraph reports.

(Photo from www.barney.gov)


Comment from bluhawkk
Time November 17, 2008 at 11:22 am

re: Putin remark, Hmmmm…..I wonder how FDR would have responded to that remark.

Comment from Anne-n-Spencer
Time November 17, 2008 at 6:53 pm

I’m not a big fan of Barney’s humans, but I have to stick up for him again. He’s a Scottie, and while he may be cute, he’s most likely also sober, dignified, territorial, and very loyal–to his own family. Karl Rove may never have seen him in the family circle. As for Mr. Putin, I’d have to say that a Scottish Terrier does embody one famous American motto: Don’t tread on me. The usual emblem for that is a rattlesnake. It might just as well have been a Scottie.