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Vick hung and drowned dogs, report says

Suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick used family pets as “bait dogs” to train his pit bulls, and he took part in hanging three fighting dogs who did not perform well, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report.

The 17-page report, released Friday, provided new details on Vick’s participation in Bad Newz Kennels — including the revelation that pet dogs were used for training purposes, according to an ESPN report.

“Vick, (Purnell) Peace and (Quanis) Phillips thought it was funny to watch the pit bull dogs belonging to Bad Newz Kennels injure or kill the other dogs,” the report by the USDA’s inspector general-investigations division says.

Vick is serving a 23-month sentence in a minimum-security federal prison camp in Leavenworth, Kan., on a conspiracy charge relating to the interstate dogfighting operation he helped run on a property he owned in Surry County, Va. He is scheduled to be released on July 20, 2009.

He still faces two state charges — one count of torturing and killing dogs and one count of promoting dogfighting. Each carries a five-year maximum prison term. He is expected to plead guilty to those at a hearing Tuesday in Surry County Circuit Court and, under the terms of his plea agreement, and will receive a three-year suspended prison term and a $2,500 fine (which would be suspended if he pays court costs and maintains good behavior for four years).

By resolving the pending state charges, Vick would qualify to be moved to a halfway house to serve out the remainder of his sentence.

The new USDA report says that, in mid-April, 2007,¬† Vick, Peace and Phillips hung¬†three dogs who did not perform well “by placing a nylon cord over a 2 X 4 that was nailed to two trees located next to the big shed. They also drowned approximately three dogs by putting the dogs’ heads in a five gallon bucket of water.”

Vick initially told authorities “while he assisted Phillips and Peace in the killing of the dogs, he did not actually kill the dogs.”

Vick, the report says, paid someone $100 to dig two graves for the dog carcasses. “Based on past circumstances,” the report says, “Phillips and Peace did not like [Vick] to do any type of work that could injure him and jeopardize his NFL contract.”


Comment from MG
Time November 24, 2008 at 10:57 am

And there are still Sports Fans who think this loser should get out of Prison and play ball where he will be a hero and role model to kids.

If he ever gets out I think he,Whoopi Goldberg and a few other celebrities should be forced to go on a speaking tour to explain that this so called “sport” is nothing more than sick,animal abuse and should not be considered a “cultural” thing.

That`s an insult to decent human beings of ANY culture.

Do Prison inmates have access to the Internet?
I hope the ones who love and respect dogs do.


Comment from Marie
Time November 24, 2008 at 11:03 am

I hope that when his release date rolls around, he will be left with a huge dent is in wallet and no football contract. I doubt he understands what he has done, besides possibly screw up his future. I am not sure what would ever make me think he has paid a debt to society and should get to resume his life. I am not sure if there is anything that would make me forgive him (or any dog fighters, for that matter).

Comment from Anne-n-Spencer
Time November 24, 2008 at 12:43 pm

Well, we can take some heart, anyway, from an article that appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer last week: http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2008/11/vick_wants_to_play_but_what_te.html

Among Vick’s other woes the writer makes some pointed remarks about Vick’s chances in the NFL: “The other question is how much would they risk for a quarterback who has a career passer rating of 75.7, fumbles the ball once every 10 times he carries it and hasn’t played a down in two years. Quarterbacks who could run were once the rage in the NFL, but most teams today look for the traditional pocket passer.”

It’s a good article, and well worth reading, especially in light of all the new information that’s come out over the past few days. There are a couple of coaches in the NFL who have no problems with the criminal element. Everybody else is going to think long and hard before hiring this man.

Comment from carey
Time November 24, 2008 at 4:35 pm

There is no punishment harsh enough as far as I’m concerned. I thought about going to VA for his trial…. then I saw the image of me (all of 5’4, 130 lbs of me) hanging on around his neck, beating him senseless in the head…..

Comment from Oberon123
Time October 1, 2010 at 11:06 am

And there are people who support this piece of filth now that he’s out of jail. You’ve gotta wonder what sort of trash a person has to be to support him.

Comment from Stacey
Time November 5, 2014 at 12:47 am

He served his time in prison and accepted his punishment like a man. Let him live his life.