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And the winner is … Elliott!

Meet Elliott, a four-year-old … well, you tell us.

Elliott, one of three dogs in the family of Kelly and Andrew Gould, is the winner of our “What’s in your Mutt?” contest, meaning he’ll be joining my dog, Ace, for a DNA test that will show what breeds are in them

The testing is being provided for free to ohmidog!, courtesy of Mars Veterinary, makers of the new Wisdom Panel MX, which, with an accuracy rate of 90 percent, detects 157 breeds

Before the results are announced — for Elliott and Ace — you’ll have a chance to guess what breeds are in them. Those who correctly guess all the breeds the tests show up will win an ohmidog! hooded sweatshirt.

Elliott, when he’s not caked in mud, weighs about 80 pounds. He’s originally from West Virginia, where he and his litter mates were placed in a bag thrown out a car window.

He was rescued after a woman who saw what happened retrieved the pups. She also witnessed the owner kill the dog that had the litter.

The Goulds say people have guessed Elliott to be part Ridgeback, hound, shepherd, pit bull and rottie. Most puzzling the Goulds say, are his small ears, and the extra skin around his neck they say gives him the appearance of “a frilled lizard.”

The Goulds got Elliott through Pet Rescue of Maryland, and brought him home after he was neutered. He awoke from his anesthesia to have cats walking on him. He didn’t seem to mind it a bit.Personality-wise, the Goulds describe Elliott as a “mama’s boy” who likes to be close to his humans, the two other dogs and even the cats. He shares his crate with one.

Elliott’s mom was a mutt, and one of his sisters, resembles a sharpei, say the Goulds, who have two other dogs, both mutts.

But it’s Elliott they wonder about most. The Goulds guess that sharpei, ridgeback and some kind of hound went into the making of Elliott.

On one hand, they’re dying to know. On the other, it doesn’t matter a bit.

“No matter what he is, he is perfect (teeny ears and all)!”

If you’ve got a guess as to what Elliott is made up of, send it in the form of a comment on this entry. If you hit the nail on the head, and predict all the breeds that show up, you win. To guess what’s in Ace, stay tuned for a feature on him tomorrow.


Comment from Anne-n-Spencer
Time December 16, 2008 at 9:07 am

Hmm. I know I won’t be able to guess, but here’s my guess for Elliott:

Sweet, funny face
Big, brown eyes
Significant cuteness
100% great dog


Comment from Mary Schmidt
Time December 16, 2008 at 10:30 pm

I’m so glad cute Mr. Elliott has a loving family now. Yep, he seems rather perfect to me. As far as doggy ancestors go, I’m guessing he might have a pit bull relative, a Lab somewhere in the family tree, a German Shepherd, and, for good measure, a little collie or sheltie. He has a very sweet face.

Comment from Anne-n-Spencer
Time December 21, 2008 at 2:10 pm

My actual official guess on Elliot after looking at his sweet face for a bit is going to be a bit off the wall. I think he’s got liberal helpings of German Shepherd, and I think there’s a Great Dane in his family tree somewhere. I base that on the shape of his head and face and the set of his ears. I think the more muscular build of the German Shepherd and the slimmer shape of the Great Dane could account for the “ruffled lizard” appearance of his neck. I realize he’s small for a Great Dane, but I think that’s somewhere in the mix. And I still go for “100% Great Dog,” just as I do for Ace.