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Kennel where Biden bought dog is cited

The Pennsylvania kennel where Vice President-elect Joe Biden bought his German Shepherd puppy was cited for records violations days after he picked out the dog.

After a regularly scheduled inspection on Dec. 10, four days after Biden picked out his 3-month-old puppy, the Wolf Den Kennel  was cited for a record-keeping violation and failure to produce records of rabies vaccinations, according to state records. Each citation carries a fine of $50 to $300.

Linda Brown, who also operates the kennel in Chester County as Jolindy’s German Shepherds, said she had never before been cited, and said the records in question were accidentally tossed out when the kennel cleaned up in preparation for Biden’s visit.

“We went in there and cleaned everything up and I didn’t even think about it,” she said. “How many times does the vice president visit? Maybe once in a lifetime?”

Brown said she had since gotten copies of the rabies vaccinations and given them to state officials.


Comment from luvmygsd
Time February 10, 2009 at 4:20 am

We purchased a Jolindy GSD pup on Dec 2, 2005 who we love dearly. BUT – poor breeding. He has chronic SIBO, Anal Fistulas and latest dx EPI. We purchased his and brought him home from Jolindy’s when he was only 5.5 weeks old – too soon we now know. He had Giardia and was on medications for SIBO for the first 6 months of his life. SIBO continued every few months which required more medication. Now at 3 yrs old he is struggling to keep weight on, absorb nutrients along with PAF surgery 6 months ago. We also were promised AKC registration papers – never received – but sent some unknown “registry papers” from a “registry” that did not even provide a telephone number – just a PO Box……. We gave up on papers after 6 months of hounding Linda Brown. Bottom line – we LOVE this dog and he loves us back – His body tries so hard to get better but the effects of Linda’s greed = poor breeding – and false assurances – Our dog will never get to be a “senior” GSD

Comment from Trish
Time May 9, 2014 at 3:47 pm

We also bought a puppy from Linda Brown eight years ago. We were recommended by a neighbor who had a very nice GS. The barn was disgusting, and smelled awful, and she would not show us the Mom, we only got to see the father and the grandfather of our puppy… we loved our Lexi, but she was very high strung, and we NEVER received our papers for her even after constantly asking Linda for them. I am also sad to say Lexi died of Liver cancer at the age of 8.

That is very young for a GS. LInda should not be allowed to sell dogs!!! I wish I had written this sooner. and to top it off she still brags on her website that VP Joe Biden bought a puppy from her.

Comment from Ilse Petermann
Time March 7, 2016 at 11:31 am

I bought a GS in September 2008 from Linda. Ania is a fabulous dog, never sick, fine hips and great disposition. She might be a litter mate of Biden’s dog. Linda showed us both parents and was forthcoming about everything. Other than worming, Ania needed nothing. The place was fine if one does not expect a sterile environment. puppies poop and pee constantly and smell like normal animals do. I am really happy with Ania and hope to get my next GS from Linda. Best puppy ever, I have not been without a GS in 52 years.

Comment from Jillian Conaty
Time November 15, 2016 at 7:45 pm

My husband and I purchased a puppy from Linda in early July of this year. When we got to the kennel in Maryland, I knew not to expect the perfect dog. Being a vet tech for years and years I have seen some pretty screwed up things, but seeing the amount of dogs She has on the property was more than overwhelming. The smell was insane (it was one of the hottest days in the summer so imagine what the heat made it smell like) and the flies were disgusting that were literally all over the place. You have to expect puppies to have some poop and pee on them, that’s what they do. Our little girl has dried poop all over, even up by her neck. I was given Metronidazole pills that Linda told me to give her I case she had diarrhea. Yes, that is what is used a lot of the time to treat dogs with diarrhea, but should be given to you at the correct dose by your veterinarian. I brought the puppy into the vet 2 days after we go her and she was very lethargic. Puppies sleep a lot but not like this. Sent a stool sample to the lab and she came back positive for Coccidia and hook worms… 2 of the worst parasites one can have. My husband and I called Linda to let her know, because they are both highly contagious to other dogs and I’m sure the rest of her litter had them as well, and she continued on to tell us that they weren’t contagious and to give the pills she gave us and that would take care of it. No, that’s not the correct medication to treat those with. 2 or 3 days into the correct deworming medication, the puppy was still beyond lethargic. I brought her back into the vet to run blood work and turns out her parasite load was so large the poor thing became anemic. Took about a full week for her to start feeling a little better. After finishing the medication I brought another stool same in to make sure she cleared the parasites and she came back positive for Giardia and round worms. Those 2 parasites we’re not mature enough to be picked up in the first still sample and that’s why they didn’t come up then. So, we treated her for that and after those medications were finished she finally was cleared of all parasites and acting like a normal puppy. One of the papers that we were given said her birthday was on May 11, which I believe is the correct date, but then the AKC paperwork had June 11 as her birthday. Just last week she was spayed, microchip, and had x-rays of her hips to make sure they were OK which we were told all of her dogs had great hips. Well, with no shock to me I got back to the vet to pick her up and was told that her hips were in pretty bad condition. They are less than 50% covered, and have a mushroom shaped to them instead of a smooth round shape. Personality wise I couldn’t ask for a better dog. She is beautiful and such a good girl! Like I said, as soon as we pulled up to the place I knew it wasn’t going to be a good situation but for me I look at it as I rescued her because who knows what would’ve happened if we didn’t get her and she wasn’t treated for all of those parasites, especially with her being anemic. Moral of the story, don’t expect to get perfection like she promises. Expect to get a great temperament but with some possible Health issues.