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Pittsburgh talk show host finds his Gizmo

Pittsburgh morning talk show host Jim Krenn called off work Wednesday to look for his missing dog, Gizmo — showing that even though his dog wasn’t in the right place, his priorities were.

“He was just gone. He just disappeared,” said Krenn, who works for WDVE radio. “I’m just beside myself. As every pet owner knows, this is a worst nightmare.”

The dog disappeared early Tuesday evening; he was found Wednesday not far from Banksville Park, according to an MSNBC report.

WDVE co-host Randy Baumann spread the word on the air, in part to explain Krenn’s absence, leading some listeners to join in the search.

Paula Hickey, of Banksville, said she was looking for Gizmo because she listens to WDVE every day. “My husband called and was like, ‘You gotta go help Jimmy find his dog,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Jimmy who?’ He’s like, ‘Jimmy Krenn! Jim’s like family. You listen to him every day on the radio, so you gotta go help him.'”

Krenn said Gizmo, a 15-pound rat terrier, was scared off by a group of bloodhounds.

“Several of the people I talked to had their pets with them trying to help and you could see the love for their pets and I think they could put themselves in my shoes,” said Krenn.

Krenn and Gizmo were seen in WTAE-TV Channel 4 commercials for the annual telethon in March for Animal Friends, a non-profit pet adoption and resource center in Pittsburgh.