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Pit bulls, cheesecake and evolution

Today we kick off a new Sunday feature on ohmidog! – highlighting the best comment of the previous week.

Our first winner is Mary Schmidt, who commented on the entry, “What a difference 20 years makes,” contrasting Sports Illustrated’s 1987 pit bull cover, and its current pit bull cover.

Wrote Mary: “I have nothing but praise for Sports Illustrated for the recent issue with the cover story about Jasmine and the other Vicktory dogs.

“Maybe in another 21 years, Sports Illustrated will have evolved enough to dispense with the swimsuit issue.”

For her winning comment, Mary will receive an ohmidog! plastic water bottle.


Comment from Mary Schmidt
Time January 11, 2009 at 8:40 pm

The water bottle will be great. Thanks!

Now that I’m in a less strident mood, I suppose a main raison d’etre for Sports Illustrated is a celebration of the human body. Male and female athletes are shown in their youth and strength and beauty in most of the issues. In some ways, I guess the swimsuit issue might not be that different from regular issues of Sports Illustrated (although athletes are monitored for unnatural substances and models, well, probably not).

Whether we’re talking about human beings or dogs or investment schemes, there seems like such a danger in placing sole importance on the surface. A deeper look at things once in a while is good for all of us. Financial wizards can turn out to be frauders and fierce-looking, abused pit bulls can be transformed with time and caring into loving dogs. Astonishing, isn’t it?

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