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The art of the elephant

Don’t worry. We’re not becoming ohmielephant!, but after your response to Bella the dog and Tarra the elephant, we thought we’d share another amazing elephant story one with you.

This elephant, according to the information posted on YouTube with the video, was rescued from abusive treatment in Burma, and now makes a living as an artist in Thailand.

Her mahout talks to her throughout the process and rewards her with sugar cane and banana as she uses her trunk to paint.

The video was posted on YouTube by Exotic World Gifts, which supports, “Starving Elephant Artisans” by selling their paintings so they can continue to have a new life in Thailand.

“Some Thai elephant experts believe that the survival of the Asian elephant species will most likely depend on the good treatment of the elephants in well managed privately owned elephant camps,” the website says. “All of us would prefer that all of the elephants be free to be in the wild. For many reasons, that is not possible at this time.”

To see more elephant art, and learn more about the program, visit exoticworldgifts.com


Comment from Anne-n-Spencer
Time January 11, 2009 at 8:24 pm

I guess it’s not enough that we humans have put these wonderful animals at risk due to our insatiable appetite for their tusks. Now we’ve managed to endanger them further with our politics. I read yesterday that the government in Zimbabwe has begun providing elephant meat as food for their military.

Comment from Peter
Time March 7, 2010 at 5:32 am

I found a thorough and definitive answer about this in an art magazine last month which is online here: http://www.inklessmagazine.com. Check out the TEAG interview and the answer the expert gave to “What is elephant art”. It is clear that the vast majority (like the portraits and flowers) is ‘fake’, at least as they define it.