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Elvis has left the room

An up-for-adoption puppy who appeared at a special screening of the movie “Hotel for Dogs” this weekend to benefit the Maryland SPCA, has found a home — with the movie’s publicist.

Kevin Perkins, senior publicist with Allied Advertising, which is handling publicity for the movie in the Baltimore area, helped organize the advanced screening — then went home with one of the adoptable dogs the SPCA brought to the event.

The dog, who now goes by the name of Elvis, went to work with Kevin yesterday.

“He’s here at work with me right now!” Kevin said in an email. “The first few weeks I want him to have constant supervision, to both work on potty training and to bond with him, and not have him alone at home in a new place.  So far he’s fantastic … He just likes to nap on my jacket here at work.”

Elvis brings to three the number of dogs at the home Perkins shares with his fiancee. He joins Tesla, a miniature pinscher-dachsund mix, and Buzz, a Keeshond mix adopted through Pet Finder.com. 

Asked what prompted him to adopt Elvis, Kevin wrote, “A combination of winning personality, overall adorable-ness and the fact that my family loves dogs more than anything.  My parents have had up to 10 at the same time.”

All of which makes Perkins a fitting publicist for the movie, in which two orphans and their cohorts turn an abandoned hotel into a haven for homeless dogs.

The Maryland SPCA reports that the other two dogs brought to the screening were adopted as well.


Comment from Mary Schmidt
Time January 13, 2009 at 8:26 pm

Your appealing photo of Elvis would have helped Elvis find a home if Mr. Perkins hadn’t already adopted the pooch. I’m glad Elvis found a new family, especially one that can take him to work during the day. Nice story.

Comment from Kevin Perkins
Time January 14, 2009 at 12:51 pm

We looked at an older dog at the event, he was our first choice to adopt … but he was unproven around cats, which worried me as we have three cats (and he got a home that day anyway!) I can’t say enough good things about the SPCA and adoption in general.