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Pro Bone O: Lawyering up at the SPCA

The  SPCA may defend dogs, but who defends the SPCA?

In the case of the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore, it’s Paul Day, Jennifer K. Squillario and other counsel at DLA Piper US LLP.

According to an article in the Maryland Daily Record, lawyers from that initial-peppered firm represent the SPCA pro bono.

“If we had to pay market rates to draft contracts … or just anything, we wouldn’t be able to afford it,” said Maya Richmond, director of operations and programs at the SPCA.

Most commonly, the attorneys get involved in cases where a pet’s ownership is in dispute.

In one case, the Daily Record reports, the attorneys worked to take down a Craigslist posting “that the SPCA had killed some huge number of cats in one day,” accompanied by a picture of a bucket of dead cats, Day said.

“There’s a really big, I don’t want to say fight, push for facilities to go no-kill,” he explained. Activists are out to “make the facilities that aren’t no-kill look as bad as possible.” The text of the posting was incorrect and the picture was not taken at the SPCA; it was a stock photo used in similar postings elsewhere on the Internet.


Comment from Ncprisonguard
Time January 25, 2009 at 1:32 pm

This is such crap… the SPCA does no more to “defend” animals than the inhumane society or PETA for that matter. But of course there is always going to be some tree hugging, pinko-commie liberal, scumbag lawyer wanting to get his/her name out there for representing them pro bono. Just like the same lawyers that take on the biggest name murder trials pro-bono so they can get their 15 minutes of fame and write a book. The SPCA deserves no more respect than HSUS, or PETA.. they should be held in the same light… they are a cancer for animal owners everywhere.

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