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Archive for January 22nd, 2009

Obama dog 3: A Denver stray named Karma

Karma was a stray, a small white dog hit by a car and left to die on a Denver roadside.

She was scooped off the street by Denver Animal Control officers and taken to Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a broken leg.

A rescue organization, Hope for Animals, took her in and Karma ended up, after surgery, with Mary Monnet, a volunteer and foster care provider. Monnet has cared for Karma, who’s no longer in the movement-restricting cone, for the past seven weeks.

It was Monnet who decided Karma would be the perfect dog for the Obama’s and, in Karma’s name, launched a letter-writing and public relations campaign to bring the dog to the first family’s attention.

She also started a blog that tells Karma’s story and includes the letters written to Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia — at least three so far. In those, she can get pretty poetic: “Mom says having her arms around me is like hugging a cloud.”

Monnet knew Karma — being neither Labradoodle nor Portugese water dog — would be an underdog. The best guess is she’s a terrier mix. But Monnet decided to get her name out there anyway.

She’s gotten some TV coverage and hopes to enlist Denver’s mayor in getting word of the pup to the Obamas.

Obama dog 2: 4th grader offers Choco-doodle

A 4th grader in Farmington, Pa., has offered Malia Obama his choco-doodle.

Zachary William Shiley, a student at Wharton Elementary School in Farmington, is offering a 6-week-old female Labradoodle puppy (emphasis on the labra) to the First Family.

The puppy, born Nov. 26, was the only offspring that survived the litter of an 11-year-old chocolate lab named — of all things — Hillary.

The father is a 1-year-old Labradoodle named — appropriately enough — Bullet.

Zachary Shiley told the Herald-Standard that the family has been calling the dog “Vegas” because his mother was in Las Vegas when Hillary became pregnant.

Apparently it wasn’t an intentional breeding, but, be that as it may, Hillary got her groove back, and now, the result of what happened in Farmington, if the Shiley’s have their way, won’t stay in Farmington, but head instead to the nation’s capital.

Zachary describes the puppy as full of energy, a little shy but “very smart and friendly.”

“We want her to have a good home, and what could be better than the White House… A dream come true,” Zachary wrote in his letter to Malia. “I almost forgot, the puppy is free,” he added. It was his mother’s idea to offer it to the Obamas, he said, but he’s all for it.

Included with the letter are two photographs — Zachary and the puppy, and the puppy with an American flag.

Two Fayette County commissioners planned to deliver Zachary’s letter at the inauguration.

Obama dog 1: A puppy mill Labradoodle

You gotta like this choice. Not only is it a gift from another nation (Canada), but it’s also a pup whose mama was rescued from a puppy mill.

The Winnipeg Humane Society seized about 50 Labradoodles from a puppy mill in southwestern Manitoba in December. The dogs were found living in their own feces, with urine burns and intestinal diseases. Of those 50, two have since given birth.

Humane Society Executive director Bill McDonald hopes that one of the Labradoodle pups — all of which are recovering nicely — will soon become part of the First Family.

McDonald  sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to consider offering Obama the puppy on his first visit to Canada.

McDonald thinks it’s a great idea, and we agree. In addition to all it would do for U.S.-Canada relations, it’s about as politically corrrect a choice as there could be, likely to appease all the animal welfare organizations that have urged Obama to get a shelter or rescue dog. This one is both — and a Labradoodle.

The province’s animal protection officers raided the puppy mill on Dec. 5. The dogs were taken from the owner and placed in an animal-care facility northeast of Winnipeg. Two of the rescued dogs were pregnant and recently gave birth to 11 pups.

Three dogs for Obama

Dear President Obama,

As one who has both contributed to and been bugged by the amount of publicity garnered by the dog you haven’t gotten; as one who believes the decision on what kind of dog your family should get is up to the Obama family alone; as one who finds all the unsolicited recommendations for First Dog annoyingly presumptuous, I have done my best to avoid falling into that trap.

Up to now, we at ohmidog! have stuck with just the facts — you going public while on the campaign trail with the decision to get a dog for your daughters once the election was over; you saying a shelter or rescue dog would be the family’s first choice; you announcing that, because of daughter Malia’s allergies, your family had narrowed the choices to two “hypo-allergenic” breeds, Labradoodle and Portugese water dog.

Up to now, we’ve kept our opinions, and our advice, to ourselves.

Today, though, in the interest of serving our country and its dogs, and because we figure you have other demands on your time, we break that policy and present three dogs we think are worthy of a shot at the White House — not breeds, mind you, but actual dogs.

They, I suspect, may be among dozens if not hundreds of dogs that have been or will be offered to the First Family.

I wish you the best of luck both in your family’s dog choice and in your presidency, and — because I believe your family dog is your family’s decision — I will leave it at that and withhold my advice, which would be to get all three.

Your friend,