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Archive for January 23rd, 2009

Another doggie mishap on the Today Show

A pair of puppies livened things up on NBC’s Today Show this morning, bloodying the chin of co-host Lester Holt and shredding the stockings of another.

Holt was promoting what was coming up on the show, when the Rottweiler pup he was holding got squirmy, nipped him in the chin and pawed him in the face.

As Holt continued with the script, blood began flowing from his chin.

“Oh he cut you! Oh my gosh!” Al Roker says. As cohosts wipe his chin, Holt tries saying something about Obama, then gives up. “Nobody’s listening to what I’m saying,” he says.

It was the second canine mishap on the Today Show in two weeks. Last week, on the show’s fourth hour, a dog urinated on stage, leading Kathie Lee, who was already scolding the dog for scratching, to berate the dog even more.

Three agencies to probe Cecil County SPCA

The Maryland State Police confirmed this week it will investigate allegations of misconduct and animal cruelty at the SPCA in Cecil County, where two other state agencies have also launched inquirires.

Both the Maryland attorney general’s office, which has assigned an attorney to look into the case, and the Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, a division of the state Department of Agriculture, are also conducting investigations.

Nancy Schwerzler, president of the facility’s board of directors, said she welcomes independent investigations “so long as they’re fact-based and emotion-free,” the Baltimore Sun reported  Wednesday.  She said she has invited the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a national organization with no ties to Cecil County facility, to investigate as well. (The Cecil County SPCA also has no ties with the Maryland SPCA, based in Baltimore.)

Four former employees and four former volunteers of the Cecil County organization have submitted written accusations against the facility in Chesapeake City, ranging from animal cruelty and neglect to mismanagement.

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World of Pets Expo starts today

The World of Pets Expo starts today at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium — a great chance to see the latest in pet products and learn more about your dog, cat, bird, snake, hamster, fish, frog or ferret.

Exhibitors will be touting thousands of products and services for pets, and some of the country’s foremost authorities in the pet industry will be presenting seminars and demonstrations about pet care and training.

Entertainment includes AKC agility trials, which will be going on all three days, grooming contests and demonstrations on everything from drug detection to dancing with your dogs, featuring the Boogie Woogie Bow Wows.

They include a talk by animal nutrition expert Richard Patton, PhD, lead nutritionist for K-9 Kraving, on the connection between diet and behavior (noon Saturday), and a seminar on hip dysplasia by Daren Roa, DVM, DACVS, of Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists (1 p.m. Saturday). Animal communicator Terri Diener, of Petspeak, will be holding two seminars, one on pet loss, and one on communicating with your animal.

Workshops and seminars take place all three days, You can find the full schedule here.

General admission is $9 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Admission includes all seminars and entertainment.

As for bringing your dog, well-behaved pets on a leash are welcome at the expo, but the organizers offer this note. “Due to the large number of pets performing in the many demonstrations and seminars, we believe you will have a greater enjoyment of the Expo, if you do not bring your pet.”

Nova Scotia dog blogger fights puppy mill

A Nova Scotia dog blogger has come up with a novel way to fight puppy mills.

Hearing that a husband and wife dog breeding team were continuing to sell dogs even after their facility was raided, dogs were seized and charges were filed, Joan Sinden took it upon herself to deal their business another blow.

Last week, she bought the Internet domain names of the couple — gailbenoit.ca and danabailey.ca — both of which now link to her web page containing information about their controversial history of selling allegedly unhealthy dogs.

“I just want to educate people,” said Sinden whose blogs is called dogkisser. “I thought someone should do it and I already had most of the information together already.”

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PETA withdraws ad offer to Michael Vick

PETA has withdrawn its offer to televise an anti-dogfighting public service announcement with former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick after his release from prison, saying it will now do so only if Vick undergoes a brain scan to prove he has changed his ways.

In an e-mail to Vick’s attorneys, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk urged that Vick undergo a brain scan and a full psychiatric evaluation before being eligible to return to the NFL.

“If he passes the test, everyone can truly have hope that he has the capacity to change, and indeed has changed, not just in word but in heart, mind and deed,” the e-mail read. “If that’s so, we will be overjoyed and look forward to having Michael record the spot in July in which he tells dogfighters to get out and explains that cruelty to animals is wrong.”

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Obama dog 4: Sweet Sydney in Maryland

OK, so we said there would just be three Obama dog recommendations.

But then we heard about this girl, currently lodged just up the road from the White House in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

Sydney is a 7-month old Ladradoodle who’s keepers say she is both beautiful and well-behaved, great with kids, cats and other dogs, housetrained, and already a skilled doggie door user.

She’s also crate trained, leash trained, knows her basic commands, has been spayed and has all her shots, according to Tamela Terry, president of the SPCA/Humane Society in Prince Georges County.

Sydney was surrendered by her former owners because they couldn’t take care of her any longer. She’s reportedly great in the car — she sits like a princess and gazes out the window.

“Sydney is a wonderful, easy-going dog and whoever adopts her will be lucky, lucky, lucky,” Terry wrote. “This beautiful girl could be the best thing to happen to the Obamas all year!”