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oooooooohmidog! We’re six months old!

We thought we’d take this occasion — our 500th post — to bring you up to date on how ohmidog! is doing. We are, after all, turning six months old on Sunday.

Since we started in August, our readership — both in terms of visitors and page views — has been doubling about every month. In the last month alone, nearly 35,000 of you stopped by, visiting nearly 50,000 pages. We’ve hooked up with 10 sponsors, whose advertisements can be seen running down the rail to the left. We’ve become an official news organization, at least in the eyes of Google, which  now includes our posts in its “news” search.

We’ve (temporarily at least) reclaimed our banner space — used for advertising in most blogs — and instituted a “best of ohmidog!” feature that has proven popular. Our “Behave!” column kicked off last month, a monthly feature about dog training and behavioral issues. (You can find the link to its archives on the tabs on our right-side rail.)

We’ve done our best to keep up with local purveyors of dog goods and services, which we list for free in our “Doggie directory,” and tried as well to keep up with area dog-related events (see “Doggie Doings”) — also findable through the tabs on the right. We’ve done a bit of doggie do-gooding, taking part in BARCStoberfest as an official sponsor and raising money for BARCS Franky Fund for sick and injured animals.

We’ve held true to our mission — staying on top of dog news (and sometimes even having it first) and, while not proclaiming ourselves spokesman for dogs, watching out for their interests and well-being and making the public aware of any threats thereto.

We also have avoided using fancy words like “thereto,” at least up to now.

On our half-birthday, we want to thank our commenters and contributors — and our advertisers. A few more of them and we might even make enough money to cover the electric bill.

We also want to alert you to continued improvements in the months ahead (such as making commenting a less cumbersome process and allowing it be more of a — gulp — free for all), and to give local (Baltimore area) readers a heads-up about a party ahead.

Our DNA test results are in — for my dog Ace and our contest winner Elliott, and in the next couple of weeks we’ll be throwing a “reveal party.” You’ll be invited to come, make a guess on what two breeds are in each of the two mutts, and possibly win an ohmidog! sweatshirt. All proceeds will go to BARCS Franky Fund.

Ace, whose heritage was traced in the Baltimore Sun series and dog-umentary, “Hey, Mister, What Kind of Dog is That?”, was determined through DNA testing in 2007 to be Rottweiler and chow. The new and more sophisticated test showed two more breeds as well. I don’t know what they are yet — only that one or both breeds are different this time around.

Party details will be forthcoming, and we hope you can come thereto.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting, and reading, and caring about dogs. If we have a “demographic,” that would be it — people who care about dogs. A lot of them do. Thank dog for that.


Comment from Anne-n-Spencer
Time January 30, 2009 at 10:59 am

AROOO to you! 🙂

Comment from Mary Schmidt
Time January 30, 2009 at 8:26 pm

Congrats on the first great six months. Here’s to many more. I’ve read the blog every single day for the last six months, I think (perhaps a day or two missed around Election Day is all). I always enjoy the blog. Thanks!