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Greetings from Korea

Given as I am about to meet some cloned dogs that are being trained to detect cancer in humans, I shouldn’t be so amazed by simple Internet technology that allows me to view and talk to my dog from the other side of the globe.

Yet I am.

Last night, or whatever time it was or is, there or hereĀ — I’ve lost all track — I hooked up with my dog via Skype, which I just recently signed up for and used for the first time.

It’s pretty comforting to see your dog and other significant others when you’re far way; it’s also a great way to confuse the dog, who when he hears me call his name or whistle, looks into the computer, than back at the front door, then at the computer again. I was able to get several confused head tilts out of him, and at one point almost got an overseas cyber lick.

He doesn’t quite get it, then again, until recently neither did I.

I won’t torment him like that again … well not too much. anyway, here’s my picture of Ace at home in Baltimore, taken by me inĀ Seoul. Ain’t technology grand?

That’s it from Korea for now. Keep up the good work, Anne.


Comment from Eighteenpaws
Time February 18, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Oh my goodness….Ace looks puzzled but those eyes are MISSING YOU, as we all do. Anne-and-Spencer have been just great though, so thanks for letting her keep us occupied with TAILS, pictures and opinions. Her canine passion, like yours, is palpable. Also know that your longtime readers are eagerly awaiting your book!! Safe journey home, JW….