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Austin to Boston, a walk for canine cancer

Luke Robinson set out on a walk with his dogs in March of last year — a 2,000-plus-mile walk, from Austin to Boston.

He’s still going.

Robinson and his two Great Pyrenees dogs — who have made it as far as Ohio — are trekking across the country to to call attention to, and raise funds to combat, canine cancer, which claimed one of his dogs in 2006.

After that, Robinson, who was working a 90-hour week at his high tech and life science business firm, did some re-evaluating, during which he came upon the idea of the walk.

Accompanying him are Murphy, who is about 7 years old, and Hudson, who’s 2.

They set out Austin in March, headed for Boston, which is Robinson’s home. In July, the passed through Arkansas; in August they made it through Memphis. They’re stopping to volunteer at shelters and humane societies along the way, which Robinson says gives him a chance to interact with animal lovers, experts, caregivers and those doing research into canine cancer.

“Definitely it has made the experience richer and fuller after hearing all of the stories,” he told the Willliamson Herald in Tennessee. “People want to know what is causing canine cancer and we have found that canine cancer is a crisis. Not only is cancer significant in dogs, but it is also hitting them at a younger age. It is so prevalent that some dogs are having their life spans downgraded.”

Malcolm was only 6 when he was diagnosed, Robinson said, and 8 when he was put to sleep. On the trip, Robinson wears one of his Malcolm’s claws and some of his ashes around his neck.

They average eight to 10 miles per day, he said. “When we are walking, we are working,” Robinson said. “When I get on the road with them and they get a rhythm, we work well together…the first 15 minutes, they are just pulling me.”

Robinson’s website, keeps track of his travels, and contains information about the walk and products you can buy to support it.


Comment from Rebecca
Time February 5, 2010 at 11:29 pm

Are you familiar with Cera Reusser’s “Chase Away k-9 Cancer” organization? She’s located in Portland, Oregon.