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Comment from Mary Schmidt
Time April 8, 2009 at 1:53 pm

Several weeks ago, I clipped an article from the religion section in the local newspaper about how best to comfort a grieving person. A priest quoted St. John of the Cross who advised people experiencing loss and sadness “to stay close together.” The priest explains this as the ministry of presence, a caring that avoids quoting dogma or dispensing advice.
I don’t know any creature who does the “ministry of presence” better than a dog, and, of course, my dog is the best of the best around her people.
My shelter mutt, who spent most mornings the past four years walking with my elderly father, now visits my ailing father every day and never fails to elicit a smile from a man in much pain and distress. There is no other caregiver who can always make my father smile. I can’t help but believe that Amie, my dog, knows that she’s paying my father back for helping her have a happier life out of the shelter.
Yes, dogs are divine. Anyone who is willing to care for these great creatures should go to a shelter TODAY and start looking for a magnificent companion.

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