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DogTown goes to Emmylou Harris’ rescue

When singer Emmylou Harris contacted DogTown — the last hope shelter operated by the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah — for help with an unpredictable German shepherd mix, they reacted much as I would have, rushing to her estate/animal shelter in Tennessee to offer their assistance.

(I would have gotten there quicker, and most likely listened to her music on the way.)

Instead, Best Friends animal behavior specialist Sherry Woodard got the call, and her work with Gunnar, a dog deemed too violent to be adopted, is featured in tonight’s episode of the National Geographic Channel’s “Dogtown” series.

While the 12 time Grammy winner doesn’t get a lot of screen time — she’s goes off on tour shortly after Woodard arrives — Gunnar makes some major headway, first accepting Woodard, then accepting another dog who’s intended to serve as a role model for him.

Harris runs a small shelter at her home in Nashville, which she started in honor of her dog Bonaparte.

Gunnar was found on the streets of Nashville, and Harris suspected he met with some ill treatment there, leading to his fear and lack of trust with humans. The four-year-old dog has bitten a dozen of her shelter volunteers, Harris said.

Hoping to get Gunnar socialized enough to be adopted, Harris called in several trainers, and DogTown was her last hope.

Tonight’s “DogTown” episode also tells story of Little Girl, a painfully shy Catahoula mix from a California shelter that shut down, and Theresa, an abandoned pit bull with a mysterious obstruction in her stomach.

The show airs at 10 p.m. tonight on the National Geographic Channel.


Comment from Marlene Hensley
Time May 24, 2010 at 11:30 pm

Dear Emmylou and readers, I had a very serious problem arise today. Below is a copy of the info we sent out to our friends and time is running out for these two wounderful dog’s, they have two – three day’s left and we really need an intervention:

Woke up this morning to barking dogs, went to see what all the noise was all about. Found a beautiful white Pit-bull, very well mannered, very friendly, and was really upset running back and forth.
We heard noises coming from underneath the shed belonging to our neighbor. We looked under the shed and found another Pit-bull jammed between the ground and bottom of the shed. We dug a trench to the dog but still couldn’t get him out. We called 911 to get help, we talked to the Fire dept and Animal control was already called. When animal Control showed up, he told us they do not rescue cats from trees or stuck animals. If the animal is walking around, that is the only way they get involved. After we dug the trench deeper animal control put a noose around the dog’s hind legs and the Fire dept assisted in pulling the Dog to safety. Great job! the dog is safe and well, the only problem now is these 2 beautiful animals will more than likely be put down, because they are Pit bulls. THIS IS WRONG, no one would have helped that poor animal under the shed, and animal control would just leave him to die. We are asking, that if anybody can rescue these dogs from being put down, or if you know somebody who would rescue them or if anyone knows of any dogs missing. Please contact us or contact Clarksville animal control. One is Black and has white spots on his forearms and is a male, the other one is white, and not sure what sex it is. These were someone’s pets. Please keep in mind, these two dogs are either brothers, parents or family and should be rescued together because the white dog would not leave the other dogs side, except to get help and it found us. Whatever you can do, please help, these dogs do not deserve to be put down. Thank you, Marlene and Randy”.

What’s very sad is we saved the two, just to have them put down. We can not allow this to happen and we could use some serious help in saving these two beautiful dog’s. As I sat on the ground after pulling him out, he just looked in my eyes as to say “thank you”