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Archive for May 1st, 2009

Dog who chewed off legs gets prosthetics

Andre, a dog who was forced to chew off two of his legs to escape an illegal trap in Alaska, was equipped with two prosthetic limbs this week in Denver.

Andre was rescued last winter when a woman saw him dragging himself across a country road, leaving a trail of blood behind. Though he’s a large mixed breed, he weighed only 38 pounds. Since then, Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue has been caring for him.

On Wednesday, the surgery to attach the prosthetics was completed. Now, he begins the process of learning to walk on all fours again, though he had managed to learn to get around on two.

“Andre is just like a bicycle. If he’s moving he has balance and can keep upright. As soon as he slows down, he has to lean against something or sit down,” says Martin Kaufmann of OrthoPets, who fitted Andre with his new legs.

“Right now he has to learn to figure out he can touch the ground with his back leg and front leg. And he actually has to learn there is a leg to use again,” Kaufmann told Fox News in Denver.

Kaufmann created the artificial limbs using plastic, foam and bicycle tires.

“Use your legs,” he told Andre as they tested out the devices in a parking lot.

Andre arrived in Denver last week and was taken to OrthoPets on Monday to begin what was a three- day process, according to the Denver Post.

Denver’s American Humane Association contributed $2,000 to Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue to put towards Andre’s medical bills. Orthopets and the woman that found Andre are footing the rest of the bill.

Remembering Sam

A Baltimore man is honoring his dog tonight by toasting his memory in a fundraiser for the Maryland SPCA.

Matt Crance didn’t have Sam long — or nearly long enough — but it was obvious from seeing the two of them at Riverside Park that they had a deep connection. The two were hiking in Patapsco State Park when Sam saw a deer, gave chase, and ended up being struck by a car on the highway.

Matt emailed me the news, and having seen me with my camera a few times at the park, asked if I had any photos of Sam. I sent along those I did.

Tonight, from 6 to 9, Matt’s hosting a happy hour in memory of Sam at Nobles Bar & Grill in Federal Hill (1024 S. Charles Street). The $15 cover charge includes beer and mixed drinks, and a third of it will be donated to the Maryland SPCA, where Matt adopted Sam last fall.

Matt thanks Nobles and Sobo Sports for helping arrange the fundraiser, and invites all friends and dog lovers to attend. Those who can’t are invited to make a donation in Sam’s name to the Maryland SPCA.

In search of the naughtiest dog in America

Bark Busters is looking for the naughtiest dog in America.

For National Pet Week (May 3-9), the world’s largest dog training company announced the “National Naughty Dog Contest,” inviting the public to submit videos of dogs behaving badly to BarkBusters.com via YouTube.

From the videos submitted (between May 4 and July 13), they’ll select one dog to receive free dog training.

“So many dog owners get a dog hoping he will be an ideal member of the family, only to discover the dog rules their household instead,” said Liam Crowe, CEO and master dog behavioral therapist at Bark Busters USA. “We want to help owners realize they can address these unwanted behaviors and build a stronger relationship with their canine companions, and we want to showcase this fact by training America’s naughtiest dog and having a bit of fun along the way.”

The winner will be announced and posted online at BarkBusters.com on July 21. The participant whose dog is chosen as the Naughtiest Dog in America will receive free in-home training.

“With more than 65 million dogs in the US, we are sure to find some naughty ones,” said Crowe. “This is an opportunity for us to help America understand that any dog can be trained – even the nation’s naughtiest dog.”

For more information on Bark Busters’ National Naughty Dog Contest, including specific entry rules, go here.

Pet Airways adds service to Baltimore

 Pet Airways — the animal-only airline we told you about last month — has added Baltimore to the list of cities it will serve.

The flights, which will start in July, will travel to Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and New York.

Pets will fly in kennel crates in the main cabin of the aircraft, watched over by a flight attendant, and tickets will start at $149 each way.

For a list of the airports served, click here.

(Photos: Petairways.com)