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Dying bulldog saves owner from fire

Two weeks ago, Scott Seymore learned his dog had cancer — and opted not to put her down. Instead, he decided to let her live out the few weeks the vet predicted she had remaining, comforted by some painkillers.

Last weekend, Brittney, a 9-year-old American bulldog, woke Seymore up with her barking, letting him know that their house in Grand Rapids was on fire in time for both of them to escape.

The terminal diagnosis for Brittney had come May 7, according to the Grand Rapids Press. Seymore, a 39-year-old salesman, decided against chemotherapy and, though he knew her time was limited, opted against euthanasia.

After the fire — faulty wiring in the rented house was blamed — Seymore and Brittney went to stay at the home of Seymore’s parents, but Brittney’s condition worsened. She stopped eating, couldn’t get up and was having trouble breathing. “I laid her in bed with me in my parent’s spare room and she shook the bed with us in it just breathing,” Seymore said. “She didn’t deserve to be in such distress.”

Brittney was euthanized Tuesday at the Animal Hospital of Kentwood, Seymore at her side.

“A dog loves you unconditionally and totally, which makes this really hard,” Seymore said afterwards. “To have to do it days after she saved my life is really depressing.

“I know that it’s the right thing,” he added, “but it feels like the worst thing.”

Seymore told the newspaper he was looking for a new house — one big enough for a dog.


Comment from Tim Meyers
Time April 24, 2011 at 11:00 am

So was it a ABD or a Pit Bull. The Press is Always Hiding the Breeds Name Unless It’s a Pit Bull Attack, then Their All Over It! I’m Sorry for Your Loss. I Lost My 6 Year Old Pit from Lunge Cancer. Then Two years Later I Lost My Mom from it To! I Haven’t Smoked since 96………….