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Two tiny dogs chase off mountain lion

rosiechiquitaA mountain lion leapt a fence and entered a residential backyard in Oregon — only to be chased off by two tiny but tenacious dogs.

Together, Rosie, a border terrier, and Chiquita, a Chihuahua, persuaded the mountain lion to head back to the hills.

Their owner,  Loren Wingert, called her dogs  “invincible.”

“My dogs see something in the yard, they go after it,” she told the Corvallis Gazette Times.  “Actually, they were pretty lucky. One little bite there and they probably would have been seriously injured, but they didn’t have a scratch on them.”

At one point, the cougar pinned down Rosie, who squealed, but Chiquita  barked ferociously, persuading it to leave.

“I think we’re more traumatized than they are. They’re fine,” Wingert said.

The incident occurred on Memorial Day at Wingert’s home, which backs up to a wooded area with deer trails.

Philomath Police Chief Ken Elwer said cougar warnings had been issued in the Neabeack Hill area, where there have been around three sightings in the past year.


Comment from Kren
Time June 2, 2009 at 9:41 pm

Gee whiz! Maye mountain lions aren’t as bad as F & G’s make them out to be.