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Shelter cancels plan to euthanize 50 dogs

Officials of a New Mexico animal shelter say they have canceled plans, announced earlier this week, to euthanize more than 50 dogs to make room for 12 pit bulls being held as evidence in a two-year-old court case.

The pit bulls were confiscated in 2007 from Daron and Duryea Scott amid allegations of dog fighting and animal abuse against the brothers. Those charges are still pending before the state’s appeals court, requiring the dogs to be held as evidence.

Dona Ana County animal control supervisor Curtis Childress had said the pit bulls were arriving Friday or Saturday at Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley because a grant covering their expenses at another site was expiring.

Because each would have required an individual cage, that would have meant euthanizing nearly 50 dogs now at the shelter, according to an Associated Press report.

Dona Ana County Sheriff Todd Garrison said yesterday that funds had been raised to allow the pit bulls to be sheltered at another site.


Comment from Aja
Time June 19, 2009 at 10:46 pm

Well, there are two pieces of good news here. They chose to find another shelter to let the current population live. . .AND, this shelter has more than one dog per kennel. (12 kennels and 50 dogs = about 4 dogs per kennel) This pairing concept is not understood by most shelters. It’s better for the dogs AND it increases the number of dogs that can be saved. Kudos to the New Mexico shelter.

Comment from Cygnet
Time June 20, 2009 at 9:53 am

Keeping pit bulls seized in dog fighting raids alive for the months or years that it takes to bring accused dog fighters to justice is another (largely unnoticed) cost of the pit bull crisis. And since most of these dogs are doomed, their caretakers suffer horribly, too.

A MUCH better solution is mandatory spay/neuter of all pit bulls and pit bull mixes except AKC and UKC-PR registered show dogs. This would provide an easy and FAST way to get pit bulls out of the hands of dog fighters (they will not agree to spay/neuter their dogs) and will eliminate the need to spend huge amounts of money warehousing doomed pit bulls.