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Baby snatched by family dog slowly improving

The baby in Kentucky who was injured when dragged outside by the family dog is slowly improving, and his condition has been upgraded to critical.

Alexander James Smith, A.J. for short, was pulled from his bassinet, which makes more sense the original reports that he was removed from his crib, by the family dog, Dakota, at the family’s home in Jessamine County. The dog dragged him about 200 yards into the woods behind the house.

The baby suffered collapsed lungs, a fractured skull and broken ribs among other injuries. His father , Michael Smith, said the dog won’t be coming back to their home, but that he hoped it might be able to find a new one.

The dog is still under quarantine at the Jessamine County Save Center, which reports having received hundreds of calls have flooded the Jessamine County Save Center wanting to adopt the dog.

“I appreciate the concern and the outpouring of support, even from complete strangers,” Smith said. “It has been overwhelming and really comforting and helped us get through this difficult time.”


Comment from Anne’n’Spencer
Time July 28, 2009 at 2:04 pm

I cannot help remembering that just about a year ago we were breathless with admiration for the dog in Argentina who found an abandoned baby and dragged him 50 yards to where she was nursing her own pups, thereby saving his life.

Dogs carry their young from place to place in their mouths. It’s their instinctive behavior when they have to move a juvenile around–which they prefer not to have to do. Pups are much smaller than our human young, and they’re also a lot less vulnerable, and they’ve been configured by Nature to be carried around in the mouth if necessary. It’s terribly unwise to leave any human baby alone in the company of any dog, no matter how beloved or trustworthy, for the first few weeks. If the dog senses a need (the baby is fussy, restless, or needs a fresh diaper) it is likely to want to deal with the perceived problem according to its instincts–carrying the baby to a sheltered place.