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Dog missing after Hurricane Ike returns home

One of the Bauer family’s two Blue Lacy game dogs returned after it went missing in the wake of Hurricane Ike.

But, after nearly ten months, they’d all but given up on seeing the second one again.

Earlier this month, after another resident of the neighborhood spotted the second dog, she was reunited with the family, 14 pounds lighter, covered in ticks and fleas, but in otherwise good shape, the Houston Chronicle reported.

“We were telling the kids all the time that if there’s any dog out there that is going to make it on its own, it’s Daizy,” recalls Joe Bauer, of Clear Lake, whose family owns the two Blue Lacy game dogs.

In September, the two dogs, Daizy and Hank, escaped from a kennel after Hurricane Ike. Hank returned, but despite repeated efforts to track down Daizy, she couldn’t be found. Nine months later, though, she was spotted by another resident, who was able to follow the dog in her car to an overgrown easement area she’d apparently been staying in, near some electrical towers about a mile from the kennel.

LaRocca alerted the Bauers, who were able to track Daizy down.

The Bauers went to the area, whistled Daizy’s favorite tune, and the dog came running. The pet was in good shape according to the veterinarian who examined her Friday.

The Blue Lacy, a hunting dog that was named state Dog Breed of Texas by the 79th Legislature, was developed by three brothers from Kentucky who reportecly began interbreeding gryehounds, scent hounds and coyotes.


Comment from Johan
Time July 31, 2009 at 3:12 pm

I can’t even imagine the feeling of getting back a dog that has been missing for that long!

Just watched another post about a dog that had been gone for 9 years(!) and then was found and brought home. Amazing!