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Burned cat was 6th pet torture of summer

burnedcatGabrielle, the 8-month-old cat a witness says was set on fire twice by two boys in northwest Baltimore, was the sixth animal torture case to surface in Baltimore this summer, according to Caroline Griffin, chairwoman of a task force set up last month to fight animal abuse.

The abuse was reported by a witness last week, but the cat, who appears to be recovering despite serious burns, wasn’t located until this week, said Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter director Jennifer Mead-Brause.

Two boys were seeing throwing rocks and bricks at the cat, then pouring liquid on her and setting her on fire. When the cat managed to roll around and put the fire out, the youths set her on fire again, BARCS says.

In addition to Gabrielle, at least five other cases of animal torture have been reported in the city this summer, starting in May when a pit bull was set on fire. A police officer put the fire out, but the dog, dubbed Phoenix, had to be euthanized several days later when the burns — over 98 percent of the dog’s body — led to other complications.

After that a dead cat was found with a blue cord tied around its neck, and another was found secured to a fence. It had apparently been killed with fireworks. Last month, two cats were found in an outdoor cellar in Elkwood Park, where they had apparently been stoned to death.

Jack Domm, who owned one of the cats, named Squeaks, said the cat had been missing two weeks when it another were found dead in the hole.

“These cats were put in the hole and stoned to death,” Domm told WBAL-TV. He said he thinks neighborhood kids threw the cats in the hole and battered them with broken concrete.


Comment from Anne’n’Spencer
Time August 7, 2009 at 8:37 am

This is just terrible to hear and to think about. Aside from the horrible sufferings of these animals, we need to think about the fact that there seems to be a generation of kids out there who are absolutely devoid of any empathy. If they’ll do this to animals, they’ll also do it to people eventually. What’s to stop them? What exactly is the task force doing? I hope Gabrielle will recover and be placed with a good home.

Comment from Lyle
Time August 8, 2009 at 12:47 pm

This is totally digusting to me. It makes me sick to think we are raising children in our communities to destroy our own pets. I believe the schools need to teach more on caring for God’s animals. This poor cat did nothing to be treated in this fashion. These boys, or whomever did this needs to learn a valuable lesson from this. I pray this cat will live. This is sickening! I hope witnesses will step forward in this case.

Comment from Charles Domm
Time September 6, 2009 at 2:45 am

Indeed, the respect for life, health, taking care of the self, family and community stems from family and neighborhood experiences. When parents don’t bother to see what their children are doing, and the kids may be enticed or influenced to be abusive to harmless domestic animals, who knows what dangerous paths grow from it? There needs to be lessons and discipline incorporated into community living for many to understand “right” from “wrong” or hurtful thinking and actions. Obviously, if the family settings lack good values, the community members might organize to do some education in the streets through some “courses” in pet care offered by pet owners who care. In our rural areas, we have 4H Clubs and Future Farmers plus our local Agriculture Departments offer free courses for any who will attend. In the urban settings, similar education is much more difficult, but the education about how to care for living things, especially pets, should be offered with the help of local veterinarians and the likes of SPCA working with the community.

Comment from Dara
Time February 23, 2013 at 8:48 pm

I don’t think the schools have anything to do with teaching our children to have empathy, that is the parents job and if they can’t raise kids that should know better than I think both the parents and the kid should be locked away so we all can be safe. Sick sick sick, a killer in the making.