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NC Senate passes puppy mill bill

The North Carolina Senate narrowly passed a bill that will require licenses and set of basic standards for large dog breeding operations.

S.B. 460, intended to crack down on abusive puppy mills, passed the state senate by a vote of 23 to 22.

The bill calls upon the Department of Agriculture to establish basic humane care standards. It requires facilities with more than 10 female dogs and more than 30 puppies to register with the state, undergo yearly inspections and provide proper veterinary care.

The Humane Society of the United States applauded the bill’s passage.

“Citizens in North Carolina want to see the state crack down on puppy mills,” said Amanda Arrington, The HSUS’ North Carolina state director. “We urge the House to move quickly to enact this important legislation to prevent further animal suffering and protect consumers.”

In February, The HSUS and local authorities rescued more than 300 dogs from two abusive North Carolina puppy mills. The dogs were housed in filthy, cold, cramped cages without access to exercise, adequate veterinary care, or human contact. Many of the dogs were covered with feces and suffered from severe skin and eye infections. Some had chain collars embedded in their necks.

A similar bill was passed in Virginia in 2008 after a large puppy mill raid there.


Comment from Suzanne
Time August 7, 2009 at 10:05 am

This is great news! I hope legislation such as this becomes the standard around the country. Until it does, and until people can be certain the puppy they purchase from a pet store or breeder is not the product of a puppy mill, shelter adoptions should be encouraged.

Comment from Cool Hand Jean
Time August 7, 2009 at 4:51 pm


North Carolina HOUSE to vote on Breeders Bill MONDAY

[Friday, August 07, 2009]
North Carolina Senate Bill 460 passed the House Commerce Committee yesterday on a 14-12 vote with several amendments. The measure is now scheduled to be heard Monday afternoon in the House Finance Committee. If the bill passes Finance, it will be voted on that evening by the full House.

It is imperative that all concerned responsible dog breeders and owners in North Carolina immediately call or email the members of the House Finance committee, and their elected Representatives, and let them know that you oppose SB 460.

The AKC is gravely concerned about the following issues:

•SB 460 contains an unconstitutionally vague definition of “commercial breeder” and licensing requirements. It defines Commercial breeder as someone who owns 15 or more intact females “of breeding age” and 30 or more puppies. It is unclear whether these numbers refer to the number of dogs on the property at one time, or if this is cumulative. Misleading exemptions for kennels or establishments that board or train certain dogs do not exempt breeders.
•SB 460 will do nothing to protect the health or welfare of dogs in North Carolina. North Carolina’s existing animal welfare statutes, as currently enforced, do a better job of protecting dogs than the provisions of SB 460 will should the bill be enacted. This makes SB 460 simply unnecessary.
AKC’s ongoing economic impact research shows that, in 2008, AKC-sanctioned 486 events in North Carolina, with 68,364 entries. These events generated approximately $45,125,993 for North Carolina’s state and local economies. (This does not take into consideration the economic impact of AKC’s Operations Center, which employs over 300 North Carolinians.) If passed as currently worded, SB 460 will send a clear message that purebred dog fanciers and enthusiasts and their events will no longer be welcomed in the Tarheel State.

The AKC believes that a better alternative to SB 460 is the continued enforcement of existing North Carolina law while all stakeholders work together on appropriate future legislation that will encourage better education of all responsible dog breeders and continued enforcement of existing law.

Many groups oppose this bill, including the American Kennel Club, the National Animal Interest Alliance, the North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, the North Carolina Sporting Dog Association, the National Rifle Association, and all major North Carolina farming associations.


All concerned responsible dog breeders and owners in North Carolina are encouraged to immediately contact the members of both and the House Committee on Finance. Respectfully yet strongly let them know that you oppose the unnecessary Senate Bill 460, and urge them to do the same.

Members of the House Committee on Finance:

Representative Paul Luebke, Senior Chairman
Phone: 919-733-7663
E-mail: Paul.Luebke@ncleg.net

Representative Pryor Gibson, Chairman
Phone: 919-715-3007
E-mail: Pryor.Gibson@ncleg.net

Representative William L. Wainwright, Chairman
Phone: 919-733-5995
E-mail: William.Wainwright@ncleg.net

Representative Jennifer Weiss, Chairman
Phone: 919-715-3010
E-mail: Jennifer.Weiss@ncleg.net

Representative Dewey L. Hill, Vice Chairman
Phone: 919-733-5830
E-mail: Dewey.Hill@ncleg.net

Representative Hugh Holliman, Vice Chairman
Phone: 919-715-0873
E-mail: Hugh.Holliman@ncleg.net

Representative Julia C. Howard, Vice Chairman
Phone: 919-733-5904
E-mail: Julia.Howard@ncleg.net

Representative Daniel F. McComas, Vice Chairman
Phone: 919-733-5786
E-mail: Danny.McComas@ncleg.net

Representative Larry Womble, Vice Chairman
Phone: 919-733-5777
E-mail: Larry.Womble@ncleg.net

Representative Kelly M. Alexander, Jr.
Phone: 919-733-5778
E-mail: Kelly.Alexander@ncleg.net

Representative Curtis Blackwood
Phone: 919-733-2406
E-mail: Curtis.Blackwood@ncleg.net

Representative John M. Blust
Phone: 919-733-5781
E-mail: John.Blust@ncleg.net

Representative R. Van Braxton
Phone: 919-715-3017
E-mail: Van.Braxton@ncleg.net

Representative Becky Carney
Phone: 919-733-5827
E-mail: Becky.Carney@ncleg.net

Representative Tricia Ann Cotham
Phone: 919-715-0706
E-mail: Tricia.Cotham@ncleg.net

Representative Bill Faison
Phone: 919-715-3019
E-mail: Bill.Faison@ncleg.net

Representative Dale R. Folwell
Phone: 919-733-5787
E-mail: Dale.Folwell@ncleg.net

Representative Larry D. Hall
Phone: 919-733-5872
E-mail: Larry.Hall@ncleg.net

Representative Sandra Spaulding Hughes
Phone: 919-733-5754
E-mail: Sandra.Hughes@ncleg.net

Representative Earl Jones
Phone: 919-733-5825
E-mail: Earl.Jones@ncleg.net

Representative David R. Lewis
Phone: 919-715-3015
E-mail: David.Lewis@ncleg.net

Representative Darrell G. McCormick
Phone: 919-733-5654
E-mail: Darrell.McCormick@ncleg.net

Representative William C. “Bill” McGee
Phone: 919-733-5747
E-mail: William.McGee@ncleg.net

Representative Bill Owens
Phone: 919-733-0010
E-mail: Bill.Owens@ncleg.net

Representative Johnathan Rhyne, Jr.
Phone: 919-733-5782
E-mail: Johnathan.Rhyne@ncleg.net

Representative Deborah K. Ross
Phone: 919-733-5773
E-mail: Deborah.Ross@ncleg.net

Representative Mitchell S. Setzer
Phone: 919-733-4948
E-mail: Mitchell.Setzer@ncleg.net

Representative Paul Stam
Phone: 919-733-2962
E-mail: Paul.Stam@ncleg.net

Representative Edgar V. Starnes
Phone: 919-733-5931
E-mail: Edgar.Starnes@ncleg.net

Representative Thom Tillis
Phone: 919-733-5828
E-mail: Thom.Tillis@ncleg.net

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Important Message from NC Sporting Dog Association

Senators passed SB#460 Wednesday with a vote of 23 to 22. We came very close to defeating this anti-dog bill, as we hoped, but they beat us by one vote. Thanks to you who worked hard to tell Senators how much we oppose animal rights legislation.

Now, we turn to the NC House, where we MUST DEFEAT THIS BILL!

Gossip at the General Assembly: The Legislative Assistant in a Senator’s office admitted, “Calls have been about 50-50 for and against the bill. But only about 5 of calls in favor of the bill had NC area codes!” Surprise! HSUS had outsiders calling to make it appear as if NC voters favor the bill when we do not.

SB#460 raced to the House, where it was “read in” (1st reading) and assigned to the House Commerce Committee (info on Commerce members attached). The animal rights lobbyists were racing over to the House behind us to start working members of the Commerce Committee. They are pushing to have the bill heard next week. Adjournment is in sight, and we want to stop the bill from any hearing.

We need your help!

SB#460 is and always has been an animal rights activist bill. The purpose is to locate, harass, and ultimately destroy small dog breeders. This bill would provide a foot-in-the-door to your dog pens! We must alert House Commerce Committee members to VOTE NO if the bill is brought up before adjournment.

Commercial breeder will include anyone who has (not necessarily owns) 15 more more intact female dogs of breeding age (what is that?) and 30 or more puppies primarily for the purpose of sale. (If you don’t have dogs for sale, AR radicals can still allege you do and you will have to hire attorney and go to court to prove them wrong.)

There is no effective exemption for breeding hunting dogs (Section 2). The exemption is only if you board or train hunting dogs. There is no exemption language for breeding hunting dogs.

You would be forced to be listed on the internet (Section 3), which will make it easier for animal rights activists to locate you. This is one of the worst aspects of the bill.

For more information, read SB#460 at http://www.ncleg.net.

FYI, here is the Senate vote (Remember these names for 2010 elections):

3rd Reading vote on SB#460 on Wednesday, 08/05/09

IN FAVOR of bad bill SB#460 (23 votes)
Basnight, Blue, Boseman, Clodfelter, Dannelly, Davis, Dorsett, Foriest, Garrou, Graham, Hoyle, Hunt, Jenkins, Jones, Kinnaird, McKissick, Nesbitt, Purcell, Rand, Shaw, Soles, Stein, Vaughan.

AGAINST SB#460 (22 votes) OUR HEROES–Please email or call them to thank them for standing up for our rights! Albertson, Allran, Apodaca, Doug Berger, Phil Berger, Blake, Brown, Brunstetter, Clary, East, Forrester, Goodall, Goss, Hartsell, Jacumin, Preston, Rouzer, Rucho, Show, Swindell, Tillman, Weinstein.

ABSENT: Atwater, Bingham
Not voting (but not excused) Queen
Paired Brock & Stevens (so neither vote was counted)

Do not limit yourself to your own Representative. Please call & email all of the 32 House Commerce Committee members.

Thanks for your efforts to protect dog hunting and dog breeding in North Carolina.

Henri McClees

NC Sporting Dog Association, Inc.
PO Box 430
Oriental, NC 28571
office (252) 249-1097; fax (252) 249-3275

Comment from Kim A.
Time June 28, 2010 at 2:22 pm

It is ridiculous that people actually oppose this bill. Puppy mills are a travesty and this bill will see that they don’t exist here in NC. Responsible breeders who are running a humane business will have nothing to fear from this bill. I question the morality and ethics of people who would oppose a bill that protects domesticated dogs. Cruelty to animals is the epitome of immorality and it needs to stop. I am calling my representative and making sure he votes in favor of this bill. I suggest strongly that those who care about the safety and protection of dogs do the same thing.

PASS SB 460!!!

Thank you!