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Twice burned cat, Gabrielle, is recovering

Gabrielle2Gabrielle, the kitten set on fire twice in Baltimore last month, is continuing to heal and may be headed to a new home in the next few weeks,  the Baltimore Sun’s Unleashed blog reports.

A witness saw youngsters in West Baltimore throwing bricks at the kitten, then setting her on fire. When the cat rolled on the ground and put the flames out, the youngsters reignited her.

The kitten rescuers named Gabrielle has been being treated for weeks at Spay Maryland hospital in Catonsville, with Recycled Love footing the bill.

“She is very comfortable and has a healthy appetite,” Karen Reese with Recycled Love says.

(Photo courtesy of Recycled Love)


Comment from Susan T
Time October 16, 2009 at 3:13 pm

Wow! God bless and love little Gabrielle.
Throwing bricks at here then setting her on fire not once, but twice!

All I can say is that America is in a world o f trouble when you stop to consider the viciousness of so many children today who will one day become adults. What will turn them around? Would any of you be comfortable living near such little demons? Can we honestly believe they will “outgrow” their penchant for violent cruelty with serious pyschological intervention?

Folks, these kids are tomorrow’s gangstas. Drug dealers, bullies, spousal abusers and yes, child abusers.

If they find them, they should be incarcerated in a juvenile facility until they are 21! They are not fit to live in civilized society. Hateful, bad seeds.

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