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Cat rescued from torture in West Baltimore

catabuseYet another incident of cat abuse has come to light after a witness saw a group of boys swinging a small orange and white cat by his tail.

Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS) reports that the incident took place on the 2600 block of Wilkens Avenue.

The witness reported the boys were swinging the cat in the air, smashing his head on the ground, and also appeared to be trying to throw the cat, by his tail, onto a rooftop.

The woman took the cat and handed it off to another woman who then brought the kitten directly to BARCS. 

The Snyder Foundation for animals is offering a reward of $1,000 for anyone with information leading to an arrest and conviction of the boys responsible.

At BARCS, veterinary technicians determined the three-month-old kitten most likely had a broken jaw.

Using the Franky Fund, the technician sent the kitten to Everhart Animal Hospital, where X-rays showed he will need surgery on his jaw. The surgery is expected to be performed later this week. 

Staff at BARCS gave the cat a name:



Comment from Cher
Time September 9, 2009 at 2:19 pm

OMG he’s so cute! I would give him a home in a minute if he was anywhere close by to me. Poor baby. Let’s hope they catch the scumbags that would do something so horrible to such a cutie pie.

Comment from BlueCornMoon
Time September 9, 2009 at 9:34 pm

Thank God for those women who saved him from a bunch of potential murderers,serial killers,spouse/child abusers,criminals,etc. Catch them & neuter them now before they have a chance to breed.