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Day care center also used for dogfighting

A children’s day care center in a Chicago suburb was also used for dogfighting — up until it was raided Tuesday, authorities said.

Three men were charged Wednesday, including the husband of the operator of the day care center, located in Maywood. Authorities were seeking two others, according to the Associated Press.

Nine battered dogs, four of them puppies, were rescued. Investigators found a blood spattered garage floor and wounded and malnourished dogs not far from where the children played.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said about 10 children were found in the day care center during the raid, but they were not in the immediate vicinity of the dogs.  The day care center was shut down Wednesday.


Comment from Anne’n’Spencer
Time September 25, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Let’s hope the day care stays shut down, too–forever. Even people who can’t get upset about the dogs should be up in arms over the exposure of their children to the incidentals of dog fighting–the drugs, firearms, gambling, and worse that go hand in hand. I couldn’t believe how young those puppies seemed to be.