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Reality show will focus on animal hoarders

hoardersThe company that brought you the Emmy Award winning A&E show “Intervention” is starting production of a new “documentary-reality” show to be called “Animal Hoarders.”

GRB Entertainment says the new series will be “an unflinchingly honest look at animal hoarders, the people and pets affected by them, and the challenges of confronting their unusual condition.”

Each episode, we will “delve into the hearts and minds” of two animal hoarders, according to the show’s website.

“We will witness the torment friends and family experience as they see their loved ones spinning out of control. We will take a gritty and often heartbreaking look at the pets trying to survive in an unsuitable environment. And in the end, we will be there as friends and family confront the hoarders, forcing them to get help, and let go of their animal hoard in the interest of a healthier life for the animals and themselves.”

The show is now seeking subjects, and has issued the following “casting call:”

Do you know a “cat lady” – or anyone else who keeps an over-abundance of pets?

Has a home in your neighborhood become a zoo of unruly animals?

Are you an animal care professional or law enforcement officer that suspects someone in your community might be an animal hoarder?

Are you worried for the well-being of a loved one who is keeping a growing hoard of animals?

“Animal hoarding” is a serious disorder in which people compulsively take in more animals than they are capable of caring for.

If you know someone that needs help Cornwell Casting and GRB Entertainment, producers of the hit show “INTERVENTION,” would like you to hear your story.

This new documentary series will help friends and family confront compulsive pet owners, forcing them to get help and let go of their animal hoard in the interest of a healthier life for the animals and themselves.

To help the hoarder in your life by appearing on this new TV program, simply email us your story (with a few photos of the hoarder if possible) to tony@cornwellcasting.com.


Comment from Anne’n’Spencer
Time October 5, 2009 at 9:51 am

This is such a ghastly idea in so many ways. I’d be curious to know if they’ve checked with all the mental-health professionals and medical people, the animal professionals and veterinarians, law enforcement and animal control, and everybody else who’s been taking a serious, scientific look at this problem. Are they also planning to do gritty reality shows about people with alcoholism or addictions? Homeless people, maybe? People with serious mental health problems? All this is going to do is provide people a chance to be titillated by gruesome images of suffering animals and sick people.

Who watches this junk?

Comment from Miss Jan
Time October 5, 2009 at 4:07 pm

I hope they focus more on solutions than on the sensationalist stuff like on NatGeo which really has leaned too far to what we used to in the olden days call “yellow journalism.” Since there appears to be no “cure” in sight, no not even meds according to the experts, I am afraid that the only thing that might help is very strong laws with very harsh punishments and that of course takes legislation which takes forEVER. Furthermore it needs to be federal law because hoarders have a habit of relocating and starting over after the wrist-slapping they “might” get in a given area.

I am completely unsympathetic to hoarders and hope that people will STOP making excuses for them. At some level they know perfectly well what they are doing. They are not only socio- or psychopaths but also using their hoarding as a way to manipulate others who might feel sorry for them and thus be dragged into their degraded world. I disagree with the general media label of “obsessive compulsive” of hoarders as the experts say that O/C treatments are completely ineffective and thus the O/C label is just a convenient one that gets people feeling sorry for the hoarders (like some people feel sorry for meth addicts). Hoarders need prosecution and such severe deterrents that the message gets out unmistakeably. Every child in the world from the age of six months on knows the meaning of NO. I respectfully propose that hoarders need to re-learn this salient lesson!

Comment from Miss Jan
Time October 6, 2009 at 11:57 am

Anne N Spencer, just for curiosity’s sake I watched the most recent film done by this group, subject drug addiction, titled “intervention” which is supposedly an award winning documentary. What it seems to be is a rather unprofessional and sensationalistic “reality show” format with attention-grabbing lurid details of the addict’s behaviors (not gonna say what but suffice to indicate it’s triple x rated, if you want to know you’ll have to catch the show running repeatedly on A&E along with another “Hoarders” pseudo-documentary that appears to be more reality show than anything else). What is quite disturbing is the amateurish psych evaluations going on by non-experts and sensationalistic speculations by participants. Altogether I think this is the type of thing that they will do with an animal hoarding “false-u-mentry.”