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And not a drop to drink


As fancy as they are getting, dog parks really only need three basic things — some space, a fence and a source of water.

Kroll Dog Park in Bakersfield, California lacks the latter, and users of the dog park have banded together to do something about it.

The only water source at Kroll is located outside the park, and it has been repeatedly vandalized. A few dog owners took it upon themselves to put out water buckets, but they kept getting stolen.

The city of Bakersfield has said it doesn’t have the funds to install a drinking fountain inside the park, but a pet-sitting business is leading an effort among dog owners to buy one themselves, ABC affilliate KERO reported.

After hearing about the problems,  Fetch Pet Care is helping organize dog owners. A website, ThirstyKrollDogs.com, has been created and work is underway to raise $6,000 to have a water source put in the park.

(Photo: A dog drinks from the fountain at Baltimore’s new Locust Point Dog Park.)


Comment from Sarahkate
Time October 15, 2009 at 1:48 pm

OFF TOPIC but John please consider a blog post on the HAPPY ACT sponsored by McCotter for the federal tax break for pet owners. I am sure tired of seeing the sneering hahaha remarks and awful negativity shown in some major media online response columns, we need to get some support going for this AND get some hard statistics on just exactly how much the PET INDUSTRY contributes to this nation’s economy in dollars and sense AS WELL as the incredible non-dollar benefits to everyone who is touched by an animal – guardian or not!