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Teen gets detention in pit bull attack

A 16-year-old girl who used a pit bull dog to attack two women in Washington state was sentenced yesterday to 14 to 17 months in juvenile detention.

In the June attack, the girl and a group of boys were kicking the dog in a street in SeaTac when a woman driving by stopped because she thought they needed help. Police say the girl opened the door and beat the woman who was bitten by the dog. Another woman who stopped to help also was bitten.

The dog, named Snaps, was sent to an animal sanctuary because it was too violent to be adopted, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported.

Prosecutors argued that the girl’s actions stemmed from “pure cruelty” and that she deserved a 14- month term, instead of the 13-to-36-week standard term.

“This is a violence and anger-management problem,” King County Juvenile Court Judge Philip G. Hubbard, Jr., said. “Failure to address it is not an option.”

Prosecutors said the girl attacked the first woman when she stopped and told her not to kick the dog. When another woman stopped to inquire about the altercation, she too was attacked by the teen and dog, according to court documents.

The girl apologized to the victims, who were in court for the sentencing yesterday.

In court, the first victim, identified only as Inga, said the attack brought back memories of her own violent childhood. “When I was being beaten, all of that came back to me,” Inga said, speaking directly to the accused. “And I felt for you, because I know what that feels like.”

“I want you to get help,” she continued, eliciting tears from her attacker. “You were horrible. You were terrible, and you know it.”


Comment from Miss Jan
Time October 23, 2009 at 11:25 am

If you read more of the Seattle media what you will find is a whole lotta excuses for this nasty evil teen. At what age (she is 16) do you make a conscious decision to go with whatever sorry background you have and decide to do better? I grew up with a physically and mentally abusive set of parents but even at the age of 5 I remember making the decision NEVER to be like them. And I kept my promise to myself! I used to live in Washington and I have a recollection that in Washington state parents by law were responsible for damages and lawbreaking by their kids. Why did this not happen in this case? And why if the parents of this by-choice-violent teen were providing a bad home environment where is the prosecution of the parents??? There is frankly just too much excuse-making on the part of the community and court system. Punishment needs to be very swift and extremely harsh not only to prevent future such activities by the lawbreaker but ALSO as a deterrent. Yes! Deterrents work! Courts – catch a CLUE! Start taking the pulse of your communities – you are FAR TOO LENIENT on these people and you never consider the true lifelong effects on the victims!

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