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Time to eat the authors?

time-to-eat-the-dogNew Zealand professors Brenda and Robert Vale say the title of their book was partly tongue-in-cheek, partly shock tactic.

“Time to Eat the Dog?: A Real Guide to Sustainable Living” — and we’re thankful they at least used a question mark — doesn’t actually propose pet owners eat their dogs and cats, but it does suggest switching to pets like chickens and rabbits, which then can be eaten.

Of course, if their fate is to be eaten, they wouldn’t be pets. They’d be livestock. But the Vales, both New Zealand professors of architecture and non-dogs owners (as maybe you’d guess), don’t seem to see the distinction.

By eating our pets, the Vales say, we’d reduce their carbon footprint.

And dogs and cats, granted, make some pretty big ones — according to the Vales, the amount of land and energy it takes to make one dog’s food for a year makes for twice the carbon footprint of a Toyota Land Cruiser driven 6,213 miles a year.

A cat’s carbon footprint, meanwhile, is  “slightly less than a Volkswagen Golf.

New Scientist magazine, in an editorial, stopped short of backing the authors’ suggestion – that we should recycle our pets by eating them or turning them into pet food at the end of their lives – but it did call for reducing the impact of pets on the environment, and for the pet food industry to be more environmentally responsible.

“In a world of scarce resources, can we justify keeping pets that consume more than some people?” the editorial asks. “… Giving up our pets in the name of sustainability may seem like a sacrifice too far, but if we are going to continue to keep animals purely for our enjoyment then we have to face uncomfortable choices.

“At the moment, pet-food manufacturers thrive by selling us the idea that only the best will do for our beloved animals, but once owners become more aware, what they demand from the industry is likely to change,” the editorial notes. “The first manufacturer to offer a green, eco-friendly pet food could be onto a winner. Sustainable lifestyles require sacrifices, and even cats and dogs can be made to do their bit.”


Comment from Tommy Barrios
Time October 26, 2009 at 2:19 pm

The whole fallacy behind these two environutz is this whole carbon footprint scam that is perpetrated by the leftist loons of the planet! Carbon via CO2 is the basic building blocks of all plant life, which in the process gives off the O2 it splits off from the carbon it extracts, got that! Having too much CO2 is the same as saying we have too much oxygen. The lie goes on though as though REAL science is the heretic and the loons are the authority!

Wake up people and don’t eat your pets for chrissakes!

Comment from Cocoa
Time October 27, 2009 at 2:13 am

Professors Brenda and Robert Vale are free to make controversial claims about the “eco-footprints” of pets. It will probably help them sell books and make a lot of money. But their calculations smell bad. When real numbers from reliable sources are used, it turns out that they got things wrong by a factor of twenty.

Best Regards,

Comment from Robert Gonzalez
Time December 23, 2009 at 5:48 am

A better case could be made for eating Al Gore whose “carbon footprint” is off the charts. I think we are all getting pretty sick of these idiots and their Global Warming hoax. Enough already.

Comment from Shawn Siegel
Time December 23, 2009 at 10:19 am

Yuk. Al Gore would probably taste terrible. Maybe there are some dawgs who would like him.

It’s the loons of every stripe – left, right and all other directions – who have been taken in by the incredible hoax that is anthropogenic global warming. It’ll come back to bite ’em 🙂 .

Comment from Rose Greenhow
Time January 11, 2010 at 12:25 pm

This is, without a doubt, the biggest money-grubbing scam imaginable. As any environmentalist knows, vegetarianism is the only sustainable way to go. I agree that gas guzzling automobiles are destined to become a thing of the past. These people are insane. Don’t give this book or its insane, moronic authors the attention and money they so neurotically crave.

Is it not sufficient that dogs are considered man’s best friend? Is not the unconditional love of an animal the easiest love to give and receive? Is it not sufficient that they are used for bomb detection, drug detection, leading the blind, assisting those humans with disabilities? In turn, humans further exploit them by performing completely unnecessary “research” on them, and murdering them in the millions because of irresponsible breeding?

Did these a–h—- ever do research on what happens to pets euthanized in the states? They are turned info pet food, flea collars and all. Do the bloody research.

I hope both of these hopeless imbeciles have had a vasectomy and as tubal ligation. They shouldn’t have any progeny to victimize with their warped minds.

Go back to hell where you came from and take your idiocy with you.