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Owl takes dog on a two-mile flight

sadieandownerThere ‘s an incredible tale in the Quad City Times today about an owl that swooped down on a Pomeranian, grasped the tiny dog in its talons and took her on a two-mile flight.

Sadie’s flight last weekend covered between 24 to 30 city blocks before she either freed herself or was dropped, falling through the Iowa night sky and landing next to a street in Davenport.

The fall broke her tail and bruised her, but she survived and is recovering.

Sadie’s owner, Michelle McCarten, was watching fireworks with friends when the dog, frightened by the noise, jumped off the porch and ran to a nearby wooded area. Despite McCarten’s calls, and a search by friends, she couldn’t be found.

Two miles away, Jamie Padden of Davenport had brought her car to a halt at a stop sign when she was a small dog falling through the air. “It dropped out of nowhere,” she said. The dog landed right in front of her Jeep.

The owl glided down and again set upon the dog, which scrambled to get away. Padden open her car door and started screaming at the large owl.

When the owl departed, Padden scooped up the whimpering dog, took it home, gave it a bath and called police to report the incident. Then she took the dog to bed with her.

The next morning, Sadie’s owner and a friend, Kris Overstreet, resumed their search, calling police in Davenport about the missing dog. The police gave them Padden’s number.

Padden delivered the dog to her owner, who was in tears, the newspaper reported. Though no one really knows how long the dog was airborne, the distance from the woods where the owl was known to hang out and the spot where Sadie landed is about two miles.

Sadie is reportedly still shaky, and suffered bruises on her hind end and a broken tail. “She’s nervous. I’m giving her an aspirin a day,” McCarten said. “Getting her back is my best early Christmas present.”

(Photo:  Michelle McCarten and Sadie, by Jeff Cook/Quad-City Times)


Comment from Jenifer
Time December 15, 2009 at 12:26 pm

This is scary as I have thought for some time that the rather large owls on our farm in Oregon would like to pick up small dogs or cats. I’m careful to keep my small mix-breed terriers close by and never take them out to the barn after sunset because that’s when the owls go out a-hunting. Even my barn cat finds “cover” when traveling from the barn to the house, moving under trees, shrubs and farm equipment. I had a kitten taken by a peregrine falcon many years ago and the experience was so traumatizing I’m not taking any chances. I love having the owl colony because it takes care of the larger rodent population pretty well (we had gophers that seem to have been eradicated by the owls) and since I won’t put out poison or traps owls have done the rodent patrol. But I remain vigilant for my own pets’ safety!

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Comment from sandy
Time July 2, 2011 at 1:01 am

tonight I saw a very large owl sitting on my mailbox during a thunder storm. My sister told me that the owl probably caught the scent of my 6 lb dog and was waiting for it. I never let her out without me, and I always put a leash on her. Could this be true?

Comment from Wow !
Time December 4, 2011 at 2:12 am

My wife just came in scared……. An Owl had just swooped near her & our Pom laying on the deck. 9pm. 50 F. in the coachella valley