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One dog in pound, one dog impounded

ninowHere’s a story out of California that has Orange County written all over it.

Seems Don Ninow, 76, was returning home after picking up his dogs — Sassy Lassy and Mister Magoo — from the groomer, a place called Critter Clipper.

He placed his dogs, a Yorkshire terrier and a Maltese, in the car, a Jaguar of course.

On the way home, he rear-ended a car at a red light and the driver called police. Ninow was arrested by police in Huntington Beach on a charge of  driving under the influence of drugs — though he maintains he had only taken his diabetes, blood pressure and heart medications, according to the Orange County Register.

Ninow, released after the arrest, went to Orange County Animal Care to pick up his dogs, but only one was there — Mister Magoo. Ninow was able to get him back for a $136 fee, but Sassy Lassy was missing in action, and none of the various authorities knew anything about her.

Turns out the police officer  — perhaps a bit Magooish himself — never saw the second dog. Mister Magoo had been sitting in the car, but Sassy Lassy was in a carrier. Apparently the tow truck driver didn’t notice Sassy Lassy either, when he towed the Jaguar to an impound lot.

The dog was left in the car from about 4 p.m. July 3 to about 6 p.m. July 4.

Now Ninow has filed a claim seeking $9,999 for the impounding of his 12-year-old dog.

Police confirmed that one of the dogs was unintentionally left in the car. They are still investigating the claim, filed by Ninow Dec. 18, as well as the case against Ninow.

(Photo: Orange County Register)


Comment from Gus and Wally
Time December 31, 2009 at 12:09 pm

I do not for a single moment believe that the police or the tow trucker “didn’t realize” there was a dog there. I am going to stick my neck out here and say it was done with complete and careless disregard by one, a badged thug who would rather suck up taxpayer dollars than actually do a job, and two, a feed-thru-taxpayer dollar thug who did not give a rat’s patoot about what he was doing as long as the municipality paid him for othe tow job. UNTIL PEOPLE ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their actions whether they are individuals or public employees this sort of thing will continue. I am also seeing with many more news reports that there is even more harassment of the defenseless elderly by those who should know better. I can only fervently hope that karma strikes in triplicate those who abuse the defenseless – whether children, elderly people or animals. JUST SICKENING this story but it is like so many others. And we have the arrogance to call ourselves a civilized society.

Comment from Whatajoke2
Time January 2, 2010 at 2:18 am

This is an absolute joke.. you wonder why we have such high taxes… this idiot (Don Ninow) files a lawsuit like this against the city of Huntington Beach?? We have to spend tax money defending this moron?? Let me get this straight? He is driving drunk…or under the influence of something?? Or maybe shouldn’t be on the road at all… the Man is 76 yrs old. He gets into an accident… his fault…is to stupid and/or drunk to tell the police that he has two dogs in the car??? The police find one dog and turn it over to animal control so they obviously aren’t leaving the dog in there on purpose… and he has the nerve to sue the police department?? This idiot could have killed my kids while driving and at the minimum put his own dogs at risk by driving them around and he wants to blame someone else for being a complete moron. This is the world we live in now and it sucks… you can drive drunk, put others and your own dogs at risk… forget to tell somebody that you have two dogs in the car and then sue for your own stupidity?? This guy should be ashamed of himself and we as citizen of HB should be picketing his house to get this idiot out of our city

Comment from DCF
Time January 14, 2010 at 10:56 am

Okay you need to know the full story to start judging this story. I have known Ninow for a long time he was born in South Africa, so all the time I have known him he has had a very strong accent. Over the last couple of years he has dental implants and this has made his speech very hard to understand. This couple does not drink or do any drugs. He was just doing his weekly routine of taking the 2 dogs to get bathed. He has always had a soft spot for MR. MAGOO and even though the 2 carriers were in the car he would on occasion let MR. MAGOO sit in the front seat. He explained to the cops he had 2 dogs in the car and asked if he could call his partner to come pick them up who just lived minutes from the scene of the accident. They refused to allow him to call. What an outrage for the Huntington Bch police to do this. They were just looking for an arrest since it was Fourth of July Weekend. Don Ninow is a great driver even at his age. Age can’t always be the factor for an excuse to cause blame to the older people there are people of much younger ages that should not be allowed to drive the carelessness they show to other fellow drivers. This is a valid claim and lawsuit. I support this claim 110%