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Bionic Ozzie is ready to step into a home


The kindness of strangers has gotten Ozzie a long way. Now the Great Pyrenees — abandoned as a pup — is ready for his next big step.

Ozzie was one of three pups abandoned by a breeder. For five months, they wandered North Carolina’s coast,  until a stranger coralled them and called Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue.

The rescue’s president Martha Rehmeyer, of Winston-Salem, took the three brothers in.

The dogs were dirty and emaciated, didn’t trust people, and had never worn collars. They were also big — the gentle breed commonly surpasses the 100-pound mark.

Rehmeyer and other volunteers spent months training and socializing the pets and, once that was accomplished, Ozzie’s brothers, Big Um and Titan, quickly found adoptive homes.

But Ozzie didn’t, mainly because he walked funny — like a duck, Rehmeyer explained to the  Winston-Salem Journal. His back paws splayed out at 90-degree angles. X-rays showed that the knee ligaments in his back legs weren’t properly developed. Ozzie underwent surgery on his right leg, to insert a pin that would hold his knee in place, and thereby straighten out one of his paws. A few months later he had the same surgery on his left leg. He’s now staying temporarily in Greensboro with a foster mom, Susan Tanzer,  who calls him a “bionic” dog. The rescue organization is seeking a forever home for him.

Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue charges a $250 adoption fee for each dog, an amount meant to cover the cost of spaying or neutering, as well as house training and socializing the animals for adoption.

Rehmeyer wouldn’t divulge how much Ozzie’s surgeries cost, saying that wasn’t important. “We do it for the love of the breed, for the love of the dogs.”

To learn about Ozzie and the rescue’s other dogs, visit its website.

(Photo courtesy of Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue)


Comment from bluhawkk
Time January 7, 2010 at 8:26 am

I dearly hope the breeder is somehow located and held financially and criminally responsible.


Comment from cynthia
Time September 7, 2010 at 8:13 pm

I AM CHLOE’S KEEPER,Chloe the bear attacked 1/2 pyr….after what martha did for Chloe nothing will surprise me.Saint Martha saved Chloe and myself in my darkest moment…i could see no light at the end of this tunnel,i was destatute and she was ripped wide open by a bear,no one in all of these mountains would help…then Martha called…she got her a ride to Winston Salem for my car was not dependble….her GREAT vet worked so hard to save her and save her he did…she’s as good as new…shes back to work dragging me up and balancing me down these mountains, that is what she lives for,it is her fun, her game,her play,her interaction with me,the human that loves her so much…we need each other to survive the elements here and Martha saved our lives….I RE ADOPTED Chloe’s sister…. crippled,pins in shoulder, leg only for balance.I WAS SHOCKED….seems like she works overtime to keep the hawks off the chickens and gets around great in theses mountains, SO, a almost cripple should do real well on flat ground . i actually forget that Gia is crippled.I ALWAYS FORGET,the only reason i’m thinking of it now is because of ozzie…if i was in the position i swear i would take him myself. he would be great for some one that had small dogs,they just know to protect them…the right person is out there for this dog….this dog has a special heart and so should his keeper.