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USDA releases confidential Vick documents

The United States Department of Agriculture, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, released hundreds of pages of new evidence last week from its investigation of NFL quarterback Michael Vick to Atlanta’s WSBTV.

The documents  include summaries of interrogations by federal investigators with member of Vick’s dogfighting ring and confidential informants in the case.

Among the  revelations:

• A confidential informant told investigators that Vick drowned dogs, shot them to death and killed others “with a shovel.”

• A Delta Airlines employee from Virginia was fired “when he attempted to get Vick around security” during the peak of the dog fighting operation. Vick “felt responsible” and went on to hire the employee.

• In 2003, Vick and two other men attended a dog fight in Blackstone, Va., bringing with them two pit bulls. Both lost so the dogs were left with the owner of the property. Vick did not keep dogs that lost matches.

• In April 2007, Vick tested several dogs to determine if they had the predisposition to fight. He ordered six or eight dogs destroyed because they did not meet his standards. The witness said Vick personally helped drown three or four dogs, a process that took two people to hold the animal’s legs while the dog’s head was held under water. Vick also hung dogs.

• The witness told investigators Vick “seemed to get an ‘adrenaline high’ when killing the dogs.”

Vick served nearly two years in federal prison after pleading guilty to a federal animal fighting charge. He was released in 2009 and joined the Philadelphia Eagles.

WSBTV.COM submitted the request for the records in March 2008. The information was delivered by the USDA last week.


Comment from Miss Jan
Time January 12, 2010 at 12:15 pm

and THIS is the guy that got a “humanitarian award” recently????? I think someone needs to send this information via certified mail return receipt requested to that “humanitarian organization” that confirmed the award that Vick’s teammates from the seriously misguided Eagles footballers. Then when the rr is signed put the thing on the internet to prove this misbegotten 501(c)3 should have its tax exempt status revoked and so people won’t donate any more money to it! Honestly this Vick thing goes on and on and on. In some other cultures someone who gets caught doing extremely shameful things “falls on their sword” and IMHO it isn’t a stretch to feel that perhaps he should consider following suit.

Comment from blondie0606
Time January 12, 2010 at 4:09 pm

He’s not rehabbed. No way. He’ll get his – Maybe it started with the loss on Saturday…Karma’s a bitch, right…

Comment from Sarahkate
Time January 12, 2010 at 6:15 pm

The 500 pound gorilla in the room is something simply not talked about except occasionally when it surfaces in witness accounts and that is the physical thrill abusers get from physically abusing animals (or other humans esp. young ones). Until this issue is addressed somehow –and no I don’t think the abusers should be given the “out” of the pseudosympathetic label of mental illness–I think you will see the recidivism continue. I do not think for one single moment that Vick is rehabbed or reformed and just remember – it IS NOT about the money it is most likely the thrill he gets from dealing horrific, drawn-out death to an innocent animal that cannot effectively defend itself.

Comment from Eighteenpaws
Time January 12, 2010 at 6:56 pm

Let’s see: You flash a gun from your locker, SUSPENDED. You admit to steroid use, SUSPENDED & QUESTIONED by a grand jury. You support your Ravens teammates by tackling hard your opponent, MEGAFINE. You bet on baseball games, BANNED from your worthy Hall of Fame for LIFE. But you torture — not just kill, mind you, but inflict prolonged, gut-wrenching, extreme brutality again and again until you are unfortunately caught –are you envisioning Hannibal Lechter yet?? — and you accrue well-paid speaking engagements, civic awards plus a top spot on a football team paying millions of dollars. I just still do not get this?! A longtime Eagles fan, I have steadfastly avoided every game this season, channel-surfed to avoid every news clip, skidded over every news story in print and online. And then I just HAD TO click for a moment to the last Eagles game, and at the exact moment that MV came on field and excelled, and seconds afterward the camera panned his face and the broadcasters gushed and swooned. The face that smiled and delighted at the spectacle of tortured and dying dogs. The face that killed for pleasure. Hey — YOUR dogs, if snatched, could have been the bait. I actually became nauseated by that face. Never again. Those of us who care for and love dogs should never, ever forgive nor forget. Not religious, but I absolutely know that someday, somehow, those dogs will get their vindication and this man will too suffer. I await.

Comment from Bloggie Stylish
Time January 12, 2010 at 9:51 pm

that really makes me sick. anyone that gets that excited from killing an animal is a real sickko in my books. MV is one depraved individual and i don’t know how football fans can cheer for him.