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Boys, 10 and 12, charged with dogfighting

Two boys — aged 10 and 12 — have been charged with fighting, baiting and cruelty to animals after deputies say they discovered the boys were operating a backyard dogfighting operation.

A neighbor called deputies in Orange County after the boys dumped a dead dog on his property. When deputies arrived to ask one of them about the allegations cops say the boy picked up a puppy and started beating it until deputies forced him to stop, according to Fox News in Orlando.

Three dogs were taken from the property after they were found covered with wounds, spray painted and living in unhealthy conditions.


Comment from Sarahkate
Time January 15, 2010 at 3:29 pm

This is a perfect example of just exactly HOW the Michael Vick pseudo-“outreach” is NOT working because a) Vick did minimal time in the Big House, b) Vick returned to a glamorous highly paid career, c) Vick even got a “humanitarian award and d) Vick appears to show absolutely zip zero zilch remorse for his horrific crimes, only trots out the poor little me sympathy-needed-badly routine. These kids see the Vick thing and understand the easy money to be made and calculate that what little consequences there may be downthe road, those consequences are worth the crime.

Comment from keke lou
Time January 31, 2010 at 10:48 am

I think these kids need discipline, but not prison time, they are too young, There just got to be a better way to discipline our KIDS without sending them to prison. They are just babies, they need love, and for someone to show them the right way of life, let’s not locked them up and throw away the key, their just babies…. come on people… PLEASE..