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Casper the commuting cat killed by car

Casper the commuting cat, who made headlines in the United Kingdom and around the world, has died after being hit by a car.

The cat became a celebrity on Plymouth buses when he used to politely line up with other passengers, before hopping aboard to travel around the city on an 11-mile ride.

“I never dreamt I’d miss an animal as much as I miss him,” his owner, Sue Finden, told the Plymouth Herald. “He was lovely and loved people so much – he was such a different character.”

She said she only found out about his death when a woman knocked on her door to tell her she’d seen Casper get hit by a car. The driver didn’t stop.

Finden discovered Casper’s bus riding habits when he followed her onto a bus and the driver informed her the cat was a frequent rider.

“I thought it was only decent that I let the public know what had happened to him as he made so many friends and would turn up to the bus stop like clockwork.” Finden said after the cat’s death. She posted a notice at Casper’s usual bus stop in Poole Park Road, saying, in part, “Many local people knew Casper, who loved everyone. He also enjoyed the bus journeys… Thank you to all those who befriended him.”

“Casper touched many people’s lives and clearly had a very exciting life – traveling around Plymouth and who knows where else,” said Marc Reddy, Managing Director of the bus line. “I suspect he’s now exploring heaven and is telling all the other cats up there about the many adventures he had.”

Casper was so popular that an image of him was emblazoned onto the side of a bus. “Casper’s image will remain on the bus for some time to come,” Reddy said, “and we hope that seeing it around town will give Susan some comfort.”


Comment from Ying
Time April 3, 2011 at 5:38 pm

My cat was named Kaspar and loved to explore just like the Caspar in your story. He was recently killed by a car as well. I believe in reincarnation and believe both will return to this world.