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Baltic heads back to sea (on a boat)

Poland Rescued Dog

Baltic, the Polish dog rescued from an ice floe in the Baltic Sea, is back at sea — this time wearing a life jacket and riding aboard the ship that saved him.

The Associated Press reports that Baltic embarked Wednesday on a three-day mission alongside his new owner Adam Buczynski, the seaman who pulled him to safety from an ice sheet in the Baltic Sea last month.

Buczynski said the dog seemed stressed by the commotion of preparing for the trip.

Ewa Bardziej-Krzyzankowska, spokeswoman for the Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia, co-owner of the ship, said the crew had anti-nausea pills for Baltic in case he gets seasick on the journey, whose purpose is to collect samples of fish and sea plants for an aquarium in Gdynia.

Bardziej-Krzyzankowska said Baltic quickly learned that he was to only use one spot on an outdoor deck to go the bathroom, one which the crew hoses down regularly. Baltic resisted a bath after his rescue, she reported, leading Buczynski to take the dog into his arms and take a shower with him.

Buczynski and other crew members spotted the dog Jan. 25 floating 15 miles from land. Baltic was first seen two days earlier on the Vistula River, 60 miles inland, drifting on ice past the city of Grudziadz, where firefighters tried but failed to save him.

(Photo: Krzysztof Mystkowski/Associated Press)


Comment from Jenifer
Time February 11, 2010 at 12:17 pm

If I wasn’t happily married already I think I would like to marry that guy. First he rescues a dog in extremely dire conditions, then he arranges to take his dog to work with him (don’t we ALL want to do THAT!!!) and when the dog is not particularly interested in having a bath he comforts the dog by showering with him. WHAT a guy. Sigh.

Jenifer, I was all ready to accept your proposal — assuming your health insurance would cover me — when I realized you weren’t talking about me and my daring rescue of Miley the cat, who, by the way, is still available for adoption. Perhaps I should take her in the shower with me. I agree with your assessment of Mr. Buczynski. How many Polish seamen does it take to wash a dog? Just one, and he’s awesome.
John @ ohmidog!

Comment from Jenifer
Time February 11, 2010 at 7:23 pm

“Dear John” I had to respond to your utterly charming and foolishly adorable post by responding in like kind. While I make a good living it is just bare bones that and my health insurance doesn’t even cover me much less my hapless though wonderful spousal unit. In short, I have none (insurance that is). If I were in your area instead of waaaaaaaay out west I would love to have Miley the cat who would be an excellent companion for mine own Mister Plume-y Tail aka Mouse-ka (“spirit of the mouse”) who is albeit a eunuch would still appreciate feminine companionship and a worshipful younger female is exactly suitable for His Royal Highness and Supreme Master Hunter of Rodentia.

And I believe you now should feel even more strongly that you owe your loyal readers a BOOK??? We await same with bated breath. Or, in the case of carnivorous household inhabitants, that would be “baited breath.”