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Prosecutor laughs during Tiara Davis hearing

sparkyThe assistant district attorney prosecuting the case against Tiara Davis, accused of beating her Pomeranian on the elevator at a New York City housing project, broke into laughter in the courtroom yesterday.

While reading Davis’ statement about how she beat the dog, Assistant District Attorney Steven Constantiner began chuckling, the New York Daily News reported.

“He was laughing and had to turn away because he couldn’t control the laughter,” said, Stacy Schneider, a Legal Aid lawyer representing Davis. “I didn’t see any humor in the statement.”

Davis, 31, is charged with beating a 9-pound Pomeranian named Sparky into unconsciousness in an elevator at the Grant Houses in Manhattan. Police quoted her as saying: “It wasn’t like I was killing him or anything like that. I mean I wasn’t gonna really hurt him.”

Constantiner started laughing when he was reading part of Davis’ statement that described the dog relieving itself in the elevator.

“The assistant district attorney laughed briefly and unexpectedly while reading to the court the vulgarities the defendant used in her statement to police,” acknowledged Erin Duggan, a spokesperson for the district attorney’s office. Constantiner declined comment.

Davis, a vocational counselor, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor animal-cruelty charges. Her lawyer denied she  made the statements to police. Davis, who has since surrendered Sparky, was caught on video beating the 4-year-old dog and was arrested by the ASPCA. She faces up to a year in jail.

Her arrest came just after another resident of the Grant Houses, Chris Grant, was charged with animal cruelty in connection with beating a dog — an incident police say was caught on the elevator surveillance cameras earlier.


Comment from Miss Jan
Time February 12, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Please tell me this knuckle-dragging lowlife scumsucking bottom feeder DAVIS has been fired from the “vocational counseling” job? Seems to me that the only thing she is qualified to do is be put in the same cell with Michael Vick for a long time.

And it’s bad enough that it is extremely difficult to get prosecutors, judges and even law enforcement to take animal cruelty issues seriously without courtroom giggling about it. In the seventies and eighties there used to be such a thing as “sensitivity training.” While that got a lot of late night talk show one-line zingers there really was some good that came out of it. For the prosecutor I personally would recommend that he be locked in an elevator with a thug for about 48 hours without food or water or a place to relieve himself and see just how funny that is.

Comment from Dogs Rule
Time February 13, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Why are people in the projects owning dogs? I am so sick of the filth that comes out of these neighborhoods. Politics aside, if you can’t care for your own basic needs, how can you deal with the demands of a pomeranian? Dogs are luxuries. They need vet care, medicines each month and regular vaccines. Most of these people don’t even care for themselves and their children.
What a failure.