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Thousands are rooting for this underdog

Spork is a 10-year-old, 17-pound dachshund who, after biting a veterinary technician during oral surgery, has been labeled vicious and faces the possibility of being euthanized.

That possibility is being opposed by thousands of Facebook friends, as well as Spork’s owners, who refuse to accept their dog is vicious.

“Every night I tuck him into bed. If he doesn’t have a blanket on him, he starts crying, I have to get up and make sure he’s covered,” Kelly Walker, Spork’s owner says.

She and her husband Tim are charged with having a vicious dog, after taking their dog to the Jasper Animal Hospital in Lafayette, Colo., for dental surgery. “I was holding him and he bit her on the chin,” Kelly Walker says. She  says the vet tech got too close to Spork’s face with some scissors, which scared him.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, the technician lost pieces of her lips and was treated at Boulder Community Hospital.

The veterinary clinic notified animal control about the bite.

Colorado law excludes those who work with animals in veterinarian offices from pressing charges in animal bite cases. But Lafayette’s local laws, which take precedence, include a vicious animal law that doesn’t have a similar exclusion.

Jennifer Edwards, the lawyer representing the Walkers, said the charges should be dismissed: “The case should have never happened,” she said. “Bites are just an assumed risk of a veterinary technician. It’s the name of the game.”

Thousands of people are rallying around Spork and a  “Save Spork” Facebook page has drawn more than 8,000 members, many urging people to boycott the Jasper Animal Hospital or the city itself.

The Walkers say they’ll do anything to make sure their dog isn’t euthanized, including spending their life savings or moving out of town.

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Comment from Anne’n’Spencer
Time February 25, 2010 at 1:35 pm

How did the vet manage to find an assistant so completely lacking in understanding or even basic knowledge? Take a dog, place him in the environment of the vet’s office with all its strange equipment and alarming smells. Lift him up onto a cold, hard surface. Shine bright lights on him. Then put your face down to his and menace him with a sharp instrument. I’d be more surprised to hear that the dog hadn’t bitten. I guess I’m glad that our vet, and her techs, have better sense.

Comment from Gus n Wallly
Time February 25, 2010 at 6:14 pm

Anne N Spencer according to some of the news reports the vet clinic scene was one of utter chaos to begin with and this little guy was so terrified going through the lobby with all that going on he was already shaking and ended up messing himself and his mama just running that gauntlet. You know what I think it is all about the money. ALL about the money. You have a prosecutor who has an eye on the prize of a political career with bigger money than a small town prosecutor makes, he wants to go for blood. You have a vet tech whose private lawyer no doubt has told her if there is a criminal conviction the chances are exponentially greater of recouping her nose job cost in civil court plus punitives plus pain and suffering (and OH how she has suffered, just ask her!!!). Here’s what I sincerely hope for that vet clinic: I hope in my heart of hearts that Jasper Vet Clinic goes out of business and their patients stay away in DROVES. This prosecution of loving guardians of a terrified and mistreated tiny dog is beyond disgusting and frankly the City should be sued in turn by the owners, for I think it is called malicious prosecution. Finally I have advice for that vet tech: “hey you stupid bully go pick on someone your own size!”

Comment from Nancy
Time February 25, 2010 at 7:05 pm

Why would you attempt any kind of oral surgery on a dog without anesthesia? Vet tech bites… goes with the territory.
Ask any tech or Vet.

Comment from Samantha
Time February 27, 2010 at 1:34 am

I find it funny how once a little dog gets charged with being vicous there’s a large uproar, but whenever a pitbull is in the same position, everyone’s all for it.

I’m not saying that the dog in question IS or ISN’T vicious, I just find the inequality in treatment and reaction quite ironic.

Comment from cathy adler
Time February 27, 2010 at 9:43 am

That tech missed a class or two, ya never put your face in a scared dogs face! I’d not only stitch her face up but send her out the door! She put that vets office in danger of a law suit, especially if the dog is put down. Why was the dog not tranquilized to begin with? Sounds like the vet hasn’t a clue what he is doing either.

Comment from Liz Ryan
Time February 27, 2010 at 11:27 am

It’s not ironic that people make a distinction between labeling a miniature dachshund vicious, and declaring a pit bull vicious. A pit bull can kill you. How many people have been killed by vicious mini dachshunds? I’m guessing zero, and that’s including all of human history. People are outraged about this Spork case for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that it’s ludicrous to call a mini dachshund vicious when its one ‘offense’ was to bite a strange (to him) vet tech who put her face into his face. Pit bulls sometimes get put down when they bite people on the street or maul their owner’s children. Big difference.