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“Ax Men” star’s daughter killed by family dog

axmenThe 4-year-old  step-daughter of Jesse Browning from The History Channel’s series “Ax Men” has died from injuries her family said she received when she was attacked by their Rottweiler.

Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin says Ashlynn Anderson was found by her mother, badly injured on their lawn of their home just outside Astoria, Ore.,  on Sunday.

Jesse Browning called 911.  Paramedics tried to save the girl’s life and she was transported by helicopter to Oregon Health and Science University hospital in Portland. She was pronounced dead on arrival.

Though Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin said only one of the two family dogs mauled the girl, but both were taken from the home at the request of the family. The couple also has another child, age 1, living in the home.

Deputies transported the dogs to the Clatsop County animal shelter where they are quarantined.

According to TV station KATU,  the family contacted the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office about four months ago to report a third dog who bit a adult family member. That dog was reportedly destroyed.


Comment from Eighteenpaws
Time March 2, 2010 at 8:16 pm

Sadder than sad. What makes dogs — supposedly family pets — attack and maim humans? My own dogs have rare moments of intra-family aggression (it’s a PACK, afterall) but they quickly work it out amongst themselves, and sometimes with a little shouting from me. (And I have learned that it’s usually ME — my particular display of attention or affection — that is their arguing point.) For any of them to ever attack me, I cannot imagine. For a dog to attack a noted family member? Unbelievable. There just has to be more behind these kinds of tales?? Either we are not always getting the full story and history of the canine and its upbringing and training and ownership, or we had better get a hundred true canine behavior experts to explore and address this issue now.

Comment from Rick
Time March 3, 2010 at 3:38 pm

The fact is that pits and rotweillers should not be left around kids. They can be very loyal and good dogs for adults, but small kids can drive them up a wall. As soon as their natural aggression kicks in, its a good bet that someone is gonna get hurt. I don’t believe in breed-specific dog bans, but we need to start coming to terms with the natural characteristics of some of these more aggressive breeds.

Comment from WOLFSENT
Time March 9, 2010 at 4:33 pm

The fact, RICK, is that you’re just like the rest of the misinformed/self informed out there. Saying that a dogs natural aggression kicked in is like saying all white men ages 18-45 are child molesting, serial killers, because over 80 per cent of child molesting, serial killers are white men. NO DOG should be left unattended with a child. Children do things when left alone that they would never do while the parents were there. Dogs don’t just snap. They react. BIG DIFFERENCE. That little girl did something to provoke that dog. Politics and emotions aside, people need to learn how to speak dog, and stop associating human morals with the canine world. If we want animals in our lives we need to adapt and learn their language.

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