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Jackson, Miss. looks at pit bull ban

The city council in Jackson, Miss., plans to reconsider a proposal to ban pit bulls from the city after last month’s death of a five-year-old girl.

City Councilman Jeff Weill believes he has enough votes to ban pit bull terriers from the city, the Clarion-Ledger reports.

Weill, who has long pushed to ban pit bulls, had all but abandoned his idea. But the Feb. 12 attack that killed Anataisa Bingham in Terry has rekindled concerns.

The city considered outlawing pit bulls in 2006, but ban was removed from a proposed ordinance when pit bull owners and breeders complained.

Only two council members oppose banning the breed, one of whom, Tony Yarber, is a pit bull owner.

Weill said he plans to bring the ban up for a vote next week at a meeting of the council’s rules committee. If it passes, the ordinance would move to the full council for public hearings and a final vote.

Weill suggested the ban could be gradual, and said it might make exceptions for pit bulls that are already family pets.


Comment from Cygnet
Time March 3, 2010 at 8:24 am

Breed specific laws requiring the microchipping of all pit bull and pit bull mixes (including American Bulldogs) and the spay/neuter of all pit bulls and pit bull mixes except AKC and UKC-PR registered show dogs will do nothing but HELP pit bulls, and will also make communities safer. Such laws enjoy the support of responsible pit bull owners and non-owners alike. Mr. Yarber (and every other responsible pit bull owner) will be able to keep his dog without even being inconvenienced under such a law.

Comment from Adam
Time March 3, 2010 at 12:49 pm

Yes, killing off everything except worthless, inbred showdogs is defintiely the solution. Works especially well for a working dog breed like ABPTs.

Of course, it will have no impact on the unehtical back yard breeders who don’t even bother to register their dogs. With all the other breeders gone, you’ve essentially destroyed the breed while having zero impact on the dangerous, unstable mutts being churned out that are responsible for most of the trouble.

Sounds like Weill’s got a ax to grind. Maybe he got bit when he was a kid and has psychological damage he’s taking out on the dogs.

Comment from Cygnet
Time March 3, 2010 at 7:44 pm

Well, since the “worthless, inbred showdogs” are the ONLY pit bulls who have multigenerational health screens (hey, prove me wrong–show me the OFA pages of a few non AKC or UKC registered pit bull with the kinds of multigenerational health screens that you think qualify the dog to be bred) , there really isn’t all that much worth preserving outside of show dog lines. Just a bunch of dogs bred for no purpose or bred by felons, with a very high incidence of hereditary health problems.

By the way, the definition of “show dog” includes agility, obedience and tracking, so any AKC or UKC-PR registered show dog who regularly competes in those venues would be able to remain intact. If they are such “working” dogs, doing a little agility should be easy for them, right?

Comment from Cygnet
Time March 3, 2010 at 7:49 pm

And, Adam, why would the law I propose (mandatory microchipping of all pit bulls and pit bull mixes including American Bulldogs and mandatory spay/neuter of all pit bulls and pit bull mixes except AKC and UKC-PR registered show dogs) result in the “killing off” of even a single responsibly owned pit bull? You don’t mean to imply that pit bull owners would “kill off” their beloved dogs if they couldn’t profit off breeding them, do you?

And won’t you be THRILLED to have a way to finally stop all those “unethical backyard breeders” of pit bulls who you admit are “churning out unstable mutts?” Right now what they are doing is LEGAL, right? But if the law I propose passes, you can report them and shut down their breeding operation because they aren’t breeding AKC or UKC-PR registered show dogs. How great is that?