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Tiger Woods has nothing on Yogi

YogiStep aside Tiger Woods, Jesse James, even Wilt Chamberlain. You’ve got nothing on Yogi, the Hungarian vizsla who won best in show at Britain’s prestigious Crufts competition this year.

The  champion Aussie show dog has fathered 525 puppies  in the five years since he emigrated to the UK. That’s well over 100 pups a year and, records show, more than 10 percent of all vizsla puppies registered.

Yogi, you dog you.

The impressive/shameful statistics were gathered by Jemima Harrison, who prepared the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed, and who says — though we joke somewhat about Yogi”s rampant sex life  — they should raise serious concerns about his growing gene pool dominance.

“Yogi is an absolutely beautiful dog who deserved to win,”  Harrison said. “However, the concern is that this dog has been massively overused as a stud dog already … As far as the breed is concerned it’s a genetic time bomb.”

Even England’s Hungarian Vizsla Club is worried about Yogi, who is already grandfather to 340 pups and great grandfather to 10 pups, according to a report carried in The Herald Sun in Australia.

“When you lessen the gene pool you open the breed up to the possibility of auto-immune-related diseases,” said a club spokeswoman.

Yogi earns up to $1,230 per litter, and has fathered 79 registered litters in the UK up to December last year. With his Crufts victory, his stud fee and demand for his studly services can only be expected to increase.

With so many of his pups out there, it’s no surprise there is a Facebook page, called “I have a Yogi vizsla,” dedicated to his offspring.


Comment from Jonathan Gilbert
Time April 1, 2010 at 8:25 am

This is an insult to all the animal well being, dog rescuers and animal rights activists. I wonder how many of his puppies ended up in shelters and were euthanized beacuse thier families did not have the time, the financial resources or the knowledge of owning a V…very sad.

Comment from Gerrit Breebaart
Time April 7, 2010 at 11:47 am

Yogi has been used as a stud so often, that he could eventually mean the downfall of the breed. It will end up that all Vizsla’s will be in-bred having the same ancestry. But that, I am afraid, is of no concern to all the breeders that live well of their products now. They’ll just find another breed to destroy once the Vizsla has gone. Silly are the owners who have some Yogi offspring thinking it is something special. How often has Yogi been used in the field ? How often has he shown that he is originally a POINTER ?