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Is Tango a pit bull? Decision expected today

tangoWhether an Australian couple’s half million dollar investment in keeping their $300 dog alive was successful is expected to be learned today.

Kylie Chivers and John Mokomoko have been locked in a six-year battle with the Gold Coast City Council in the Supreme Court over its identification of their dog Tango as an American pit bull, as opposed to an American staffordshire terrier.

The city’s ruling that Tango is a pit bull meant the dog was automatically deemed dangerous and would be required to be euthanized.

To avoid that, the family moved Tango to a kennel more than five years ago, where it could be registered as an American staffordshire terrier.

Today, a judge is to decide Tango’s fate in a decision which could have ramifications for thousands of dog owners, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports. The city is arguing the American pit bull and American staffordshire terrier are the same breed, which means it would fall under its breed ban.

“The fallout of the decision could be horrendous,” said Mokomoko, 47, who works as a Brisbane airport security officer.

The case prompted Mokomoko to work 98-hour weeks at his former security job at a desalination plant to pay the cost of the kennel, weekly travel, lawyers and documentation, including Freedom of Information requests, and video evidence.

Along with thousands of pages of documents, the couple also obtained DNA samples from Tango’s parents and submitted a breed identification test to the court, arguing the 22-point identification checklist was flawed.

The American staffordshire terrier clubs of Queensland, Victoria and Northern Territory have asked the city council to drop the case.

If the family wins, Mokomoko believes it will prompt litigation from other owners who may have had their dog wrongfully identified as pit bulls.


Comment from Carlos Aleman
Time November 27, 2011 at 2:42 am

Talking about Pit -Bulls? What’s a Pitbull?

Since any breed is really a “sato”dog, in which many other types of genes have to be mix to develop a so called breed “which is categorized after an X number of generation of offsprings in which certain characteristics don’t change”. If a vague minded bill is pass against X phenotypical characteristics, regarding a myth with a correlation with aggressiveness. Then it will be a perfect example of an horrendous fault by the state, by the legislators, by the dog control department etc.. By which they assume that phenotypical characteristics are attached “ONLY” to traits that they can see. Which is false, they are attached to two type of gene expression. One that you can see phenotypical and one that you can’t see genotypical.
First to categorized a breed they should:
1. Do a DNA EXAM ($$$$)
-Since all breed are a mix of others breeds then all dogs are ”SATOS in plain spanish” which will make impossible to the state to categorized or differentiate a breed from another.
2. If they could find certain gene DNA sequences or tandems…?!
– Then the state will have to take each case separately and will have to base their findings for the use of that case along and only.
– Since each dog could have certain tandems or repeated DNA sequences called “CODIS”
( like the ones humans have, and FBI uses) still you can find DNA specific sequences in each animal (like your face, you can tell who is who in your family – DNA is the one responsible for this).
-Therefore the costs ($$) of the state in litigating this facts or findings will be exponentially incremented and it wouldn’t viably be cost effective, resulting in drop of charges.

My name is Charlie from PR, we are having the exact same problems on our beautiful Puerto Rico. Sadly the pit bulls have a bad reputation by people without knowledge playing “dog handling”. The above points i tried to highlight are based on my study grounds on DNA Recombinant MS.

Sorry, for all the errors in this post, I’m a native spanish talker, it’s 2:00am sleepy typing. Hope this helps everyone around here.
I will recommend the following:
To revise this facts described above you or any dog organization should raise money get a law firm and a professional who works in DNA RECOMBINANT, or GENETIC ENGINEERING field. He would be the key to win a case against the state wrongfully and bold dog specific law.